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18 Dining Tables

Pull up a chair and feast on this collection of tables, prepared using only the freshest ingredients from our archives.

cherner chair oval table walnut

Oval Table


Introduced in 2003, Cherner Oval tables are designed to compliment Cherner seating. Perfect in a formal or informal setting, the tables are strong, stabile and lightweight. The Oval Cherner Table is 84” long and can seat 6-8. Made in the U.S.A

jean prouve campass table wright

Compass Table


Jean Prouve's enameled-steel table, with a laminate top, debuted in 1953 in France.

adaptable taf architects muuto dining table

Adaptable Dining Table

Mixing and matching might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you’re deciding on a dining table, but Muuto’s mutable options allow for a fully customizable fixture. TAF Architects modernized a Scandinavian classic with three styles of oak tops and legs and four colors of powder-coated steel frames, for a total of 36 possible combinations to suit your decor or dishes.

cherner chair  table

Rectangular Table


Perfect in a formal or informal setting, Cherner tables are strong, stabile and lightweight. The Rectangular Cherner Tables are available in 72” and 80” lengths and have a top of 1-1/8” thick cross-ply plywood with a 1” and 1/8” solid wood edge bands.

arc table foster and partners molteni and c

Arc Table

Arc’s solid base of cement and fiber mimics the sweeping curves and crests of a tensile fabric structure, and this peaked construction can also weather the elements outdoors.

Gus design dining table natural

Span Table

A mid-century inspired dining table or desk featuring an architectural, truss-style base, and a bevel-edged top.

peggy dining table pearson lloyd scp

Peggy Table


The Peggy series is designed for both residential dining and commercial use. The table is made from solid ash, with a veneered ash top and solid lipping. It has been designed for flexibility of use and has a supporting frame that is designed to accommodate cables and data access. A refined aesthetic is created through the elliptical shape of the angle support frame and the subtle rotation of the oval legs, which are linked to the top by a mortis and tennon joint. A sense of proportion is established through the consistent 45-degree angle of the leg to the tabletop corner. The tabletop is 25 mm thick and will be available in a number of finishes and sizes.

arbol dining table godoy emiliano pirwi

Arbol Table

The Árbol collection features a system of central joining that imitates the trunks and branches of trees, where the strength of the whole comes from distributing the work amongst all the limbs. The dining table uses the same joint for all legs, with three pieces each.

divis dining table mike maaike council

Divis Dining Table

A rectangular top split by supporting legs creates a surface locked in a perpetual state of tension. Stable and sturdy, the solid wood structure is available in blackstained ash or natural poplar. 

hans dining table citterio antonio bbitalia

Hans Dining Table

This table, created by Antonio Citterio in 2009, features an opening system that allows the central element to be drawn out quickly—a thick crystel top is available in white or gray. There are trestle-shaped legs, which are tapered.

screw table dixon tom

Screw Table

From lunch at the kids’ table to romantic dinner for two with a simple spin of the solid marble top, Dixon’s industrial-strength aluminum screw allows this table to achieve great new heights, and the heavy cast-iron base will ensure it doesn’t sway.

Parallelogram Table


Celebrate the joy of geometry with these modular Parallelogram tables by Design Glut. Available in black, blue, pink or white, the powder-coated steel pieces ship flat-packed, with hardware included for easy assembly (no need for tools!).

neuschutz love ypsilon table andersson karl and soner1

Ypsilon Table

Like a baby Bambi on its first wobbly steps, Ypsilon might look a tad unsteady, but the angular legs on this dear table provide a sturdy spot to dine with friends.

oops table monica graffeo kristalia

Oops Table


Just as your belt buckle expands for the holidays, so does the Oops, Monica Graffeo's version of the old-fashioned leaf table. The round design, made of fiberboard with a veneer of stained oak, pulls apart to reveal a hidden tray that contains two leaves. Whether you're having a feast for a menage a treize or leftovers for two, the Oops always appears to be kicking up its heels.

The delicate legs (or are they limbs?) of this trestlelike table by Nosigner grew out of a fractal algorithm called Tree Curve that used the free-form geometry of tree branches to determine their design. <a href="

Arborism Table

The delicate legs (or are they limbs?) of this trestlelike table by Nosigner grew out of a fractal algorithm called Tree Curve that used the free-form geometry of tree branches to determine their design.

paul white table

Sushi Table


Conceived by Paul White and Dan Morgan, this table is made from a single piece of walnut with a live edge. The legs are attached via a mortise-and-tenon joint technique; a sliver of maple in the dowel is visible on the table surface. The table's inception began with creating a proper table for sushi for two, sitting on the floor in the Japanese style. The dimensions of the table can be custom created, depending on size requirements and available wood pieces.