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November 25, 2010

Cardboard has fully wiggled out of its boxy stereotype (Frank Gehry's 1971 Wiggle Chair is early evidence) and today plays a role in everything from packaging and product design to furniture and architecture. A new book by London-based Black Dog Publishing released this fall celebrated the corrugated material by featuring it in its many new contexts. Here we take a peak inside the book, Outside the Box: Cardboard Design Now. As author Michael Czerwinski says in the introduction, "cardboard is now fully empowered and primed as a creative medium, design solution, or eco warrior."

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UPACKS Universal Packaging System by Patrick Sung
UPACKS Universal Packaging System by Patrick Sung
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Botanical Carden by <a href="http://www.postcarden.com/">Postcarden</a>
Botanical Carden by Postcarden
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ItBed Futon and Mattress by <a href="http://www.it-happens.ch/eng/index.html">It Design</a>
ItBed Futon and Mattress by It Design
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Wiggle Chair by <a href="http://www.foga.com/">Frank Gehry</a>
Wiggle Chair by Frank Gehry
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Georgia Sideboard by <a href="http://www.reinharddienes.com/">Reinhard Dienes</a>
Georgia Sideboard by Reinhard Dienes
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Billy Rocker by <a href="http://www.mr-kaliski.com/">Mr Kalinski</a>
Billy Rocker by Mr Kalinski
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Vasareley Pavilion by <a href="http://www.shigerubanarchitects.com/">Shigeru Ban</a>
Vasareley Pavilion by Shigeru Ban
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Urban Farm by <a href="http://work.ac/">WORKac</a>
Urban Farm by WORKac
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Outside the Box Cardboard Design Now by Black Dog Publishing

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