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German stylist and designer Peter Fehrentz presentes Made by Yourself, a step-by-step book comprising 48 do-it-yourself projects.
diy book by peter fehrentz

From concrete lamp bases to leather poufs, Fehrentz's book Made by Yourself is a compendium of the designer's ideas. It's available in the United States as of early October.

We have our own Q&A with Peter coming soon, but in the meantime, we can share a couple video clips in Peter's native German.

Check out a couple questions and answers from a recent interview between Peter and design blog Decor8.

In Germany, there aren’t many gurus in design like we have in America, there are not a lot of well known names like Jonathan Adler or Kelly Wearstler. Why do you think this is the case?

PF: Germany doesn’t have a strong decorating tradition like some other countries. Sometimes I think one reason could be due to World War II. Right before the war, we had the Bauhaus which is still very popular and adored all over the world. After the war everything was about rebuilding and escaping the trauma for a long time and it is still not very popular to hire an interior designer here. I am not sure though if that really can be a reason, it makes sense to me, but perhaps it’s just in the German nature.

Tell us about your book! What do you love about it?

PF: From the beginning, I always wanted the book to be about inspiration so people who love books can feel joy by looking at the photos but it should also work for those who love to build and handcraft things. When I peruse the pages of my book, I still like to look at all the pictures, the layout and design, and the colors. I hope that those who bought the book have the same feelings, too!

click here to view the complete interview.

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