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September 9, 2009

I'll confess it now: I still buy and use all those household cleaning beasties that I know I shouldn't like Windex, Formula 409 and that scourge of bathtub rings, Soft Scrub. I know in my heart that some concoction of vinegar, baking soda, and water will do the trick just as well, with fewer chemicals and for a fraction of the price, but I can mount no other defense than sloth. Those days are done, as I've finally got my guide, Amy Kolb Noyes' new book for Chelsea Green Guides Nontoxic Housecleaning.

Nontoxic Housecleaning Cover

Her pocket-sized primer to solvents, soaps, and starches leaves us with little recourse but to green the way we clean. The book is rife with simple recipes for useful cleansers as well as natural tricks for keeping moths out of clothes, grime off of grout and your coffee maker sparkling clean. Nontoxic Housecleaning is out this month and joins Chelsea Green's handy passel of guides to all manner of environmental virtue including biking to work, greening your office and compositng among others.

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