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October 24, 2012

Nate Berkus fans will have plenty to take in this month as the designer just released a book and a Target collaboration, both in stores now.

The Things That Matter is a collection of stories and photos from Berkus and others about their homes. Through anecdotes about "things" each has collected, Berkus's book shows how our residences and the objects with which we choose to fill them reveal who we are. The unique stories and personal insights paired with beautiful photography provide an intimate look into each life and home not found in your typical interiors book.

Having designed his pieces to convey the feeling of things that have been collected over time, Berkus is hopeful that some of the items in his Target collection will become "things that matter."

Nate Berkus The Things that Matter Steve Berg apartment

Hairdresser Steve Berg has carved out a bright respite full of natural elements in his Greenwich Village apartment. As Berkus's hairdresser, Berg accompanies him on trips all over the country and the two always find time to hit up local antique stores. More often than not, their differing styles ensure they don't fight over items—though Berkus may still be a little sore over a mirror he once lost to Berg.

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Roger Davies 2011
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Nate Berkus The Things that Matter Barbara Hill interior

A former dancehall, Barbara Hill's Marfa, Texas, home has the distinct honor of being one Berkus says he would move into without changing a thing. He attributes this to Hill's ruthless editing, seen at work in the above seating area. The chairs were silk-screened with pulp romantic stories she wrote herself.

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Roger Davies 2011
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Nate Berkus The Things that Matter living room

A glimpse into Berkus's own home. A close to the book, this quote from Berkus exemplifies his design ethos: "So here's to the things that lift us up, anchor our lives—and tell the world who we are."

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Nate Berkus for Target modern bathroom set

Harbor Bath Set. $9.99-$12.99. This polished bath set brings a crisp element to the powder room.

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Nate Berkus for Target brass bowls

Hammered Brass Bowls. $14.99/$7.99. Offering high-end look, these bowls would make a nice catch-all in a modern foyer.

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Nate Berkus for Target brass vases

Brass Vases. $19.99/$24.99. No flowers necessary—these bold vases can stand on their own.

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Nate Berkus for Target blue Ikat towels

Signature Bath, Hand, and Wash Towels in Ultramarine with Fashion Bath Ikat Towels in Ultramarine. $5.99 - $9.99. A regal yet inviting softness make these towels appealing.

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Nate Berkus for Target table lamp

Sculpted Branch Lamp Base and Natural Drum Shade. $49.99/$24.99. Buyer can personalize this unique lamp base with a shade of their own choosing since the pieces are sold separately.

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Nate Berkus The Things that Matter Book Cover

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