Made in Japan: 100 New Products

Dwell contributor Naomi Pollock, who wrote "All Wrapped Up" in our Small World issue now on newsstands, recently came out with her fourth book, Made in Japan: 100 New Products from Merrell Publishers. Pollock felt that given the popularity of Japanese products, there should be a book on the subject. “As an architectural writer living in Japan, I had many contacts and great access to the designers, so writing about products was a natural segue from reporting on buildings,” says Pollock.

Featuring biographies of Naoto Fukasawa, Tojujin Yoshioaka, and Toyo Ito, this survey of the Land of the Rising Sun’s newest notable designs is tailored for the Japanese consumer, but “promotes a deeper understanding not just of the featured products but also of contemporary Japan,” Pollock explains.

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