July 28, 2009

Many of you had the pleasure of reading Geoff Manaugh's work while he was a Senior Editor here at Dwell, but if you've not yet checked out the blog he's been writing for the last five years or so, you're missing out. BLDGBLOG is one of the most unique, mind-bending architecture blogs out there—so much so that calling it simply an "architecture blog" fails to describe the veritable firehose of thought that pours from Manaugh's fingers and fills his corner of the blogosphere. While reading the entirety of BLDGBLOG's digital archive would be a monster task, you can get a generous survey with the newly released book by the same name.

manaugh book

Published by Chronicle Books (and with contributions from Dwell's own senior designer Brendan Callahan and photo editor Alexis Tjian), The BLDGBLOG Book brings a hefty portion of Manaugh's architectural conjecture, urban speculation and landscape futurism to the printed page. It's the kind of book you can read cover-to-cover or dip into at intervals for a jolt of far-out ideas. Dwell.com contributor Jimmy Stamp asked Manaugh a few questions about the process of taking up a different medium and completing a book.

To get your own copy of the BLDGBLOG Book, visit Powells, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or your local independent bookstore.

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