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  1. Grete Jalk Plywood Chair

    Grete Jalk Plywood Chair

    1963 was a big one for Grete Jalk. That year, the Danish furniture designer debuted her Lounge Chair and Nesting Tables, won the Daily Mail International Furniture competition for their designs,...

    written by: Miyoko Ohtake

  2. Gregg Stobs, Retail Design Director

    Gregg Stobs, Retail Design Director

    Last week warranted a design detour to Portland for a panel discussion on contemporary Chinese design hosted by OFFICE PDX, an online design shop and pop-up retailer, in conjunction with the China...

    written by: Charlotte West

  3. Greg Sharp of BSB Design

    Greg Sharp of BSB Design

    BSB Design was established in 1966 in Des Moines, Iowa, as a small architectural firm with a grand mission statement: Every family deserves to live in an architect-designed home. Forty-plus years...

    written by: Dwell Staff

  4. Greg Lynn Recycled Toy Furniture

    Greg Lynn Recycled Toy Furniture

    Perhaps you have spent your entire life thinking that plastic bath toys were very unsophisticated. Rubber Ducky has never been a picture of refinement. It's not too late to transform your opinion,...

    written by: Sarah Rich

  5. Greenpoint's New Gem

    Greenpoint's New Gem

    There's something fascinating that happens when creative types are placed in a new geographical context.  A screenwriter might start developing place-dependent characters; a painter might...

    written by: Jamie Waugh

  6. Greening San Francisco's Old Mint
    Travel Reports

    Greening San Francisco's Old Mint

    Last year I had the chance to take a press preview of the Old Mint in San Francisco. It's right downtown, just opposite the San Francisco Chronicle, and though it's unused at present, it's set to...

    written by: Aaron Britt

  7. Greene & Greene Anniversary

    Greene & Greene Anniversary

    The year 2008 marks the 100th birthday of the Gamble House in Pasadena, CA, the most famous residential work by architects Charles and Henry Greene. (No relation.) But in these precarious financial...

    written by: David A. Greene

  8. Greenbuild Conference: Yolo Colorhouse

    Greenbuild Conference: Yolo Colorhouse

    Spin art isn’t something people normally engage in on a trade show floor—perhaps the state of the housing and building market is just too depressing to play with paint at present....

    written by: Kathryn Schulz

  9. Greenbuild Conference: Waste Management

    Greenbuild Conference: Waste Management

    The sustainability movement has gone through a series of evolutions and iterations over the past several years—from nascent niche groups to mainstream, greenwashing, and back again&mdash...

    written by: Christopher Bright

  10. Greenbuild Conference: Home Insurance

    Greenbuild Conference: Home Insurance

    If there’s one thing that’s clear about the movement, it’s that green is manifesting itself in interesting, odd, and diverse ways.

    written by: Christopher Bright

  11. Greenbuild Conference: FLOR

    Greenbuild Conference: FLOR

    There’s no questioning the validity and worthiness of the growing popularity of green, but the relentless reliance on the term—rivaled perhaps only by the slew of i-prefixed electronic...

    written by: Christopher Bright

  12. Green Zero-Energy Family Home in Santa Cruz

    Green Zero-Energy Family Home in Santa Cruz

    How an unfussy, nearly zero-energy family home in Santa Cruz, California, wound up with hay bales in the walls, a state-of-the-art heat pump system, and six very happy residents.

    written by: Aaron Britt
    photos by: Gabriela Hasbun

  13. Green Urban Housing in Philadelphia
    House Tours

    Green Urban Housing in Philadelphia

    By keeping the budget strict, the insulation tight, and its values clear, Philadelphia’s Postgreen Homes shows a little brotherly love for green, urban housing.

    written by: Aaron Britt
    photos by: Mark Mahaney

  14. Green Sustainable Home in Montauk

    Green Sustainable Home in Montauk

    Decades after they met as teenagers on a Montauk beach, Manhattanites Victoria and Greg Pryor returned to Long Island to build a sustainable second home together.

    written by: William Lamb
    photos by: Ty Cole

  15. Green Space Today

    Green Space Today

    It's not the most obvious task to take the green path when renovating, building, or choosing products to buy. Green Space Today is an online magazine and business resource that makes it all easier.

    written by: Jamie Waugh

  16. Green Siding
    Product Reviews

    Green Siding

    Dear Dwell: I've already found a company that will recycle my old vinyl siding. Now I'm looking for a fresh, sustainable alternative. Any suggestions? —Roger Knight, Hillside, Illinois


  17. Green Reading

    Green Reading

    Renderings of a new storage facility for the British Library have been released. The design, by HOK, comes with plenty of interesting details—including an expansive green roofing system&mdash...

    written by: Geoff Manaugh

  18. Green Prefab Homes for a Native American Reservation
    In The Modern World

    Green Prefab Homes for a Native American Reservation

    The Make it Right foundation taps architects to put a prefab spin on homes for the Fort Peck reservation in Montana.

    written by: Patrick Sisson

  19. Green Prefab at a (Relatively) Bargain Price

    Green Prefab at a (Relatively) Bargain Price

    The New York Times recently picked up on the story of Thomas Small and Joanna Brody's Culver City, California, house designed by Whitney Sander of Sander Architects.

    written by: David A. Greene

  20. Green Pocket Tiles

    Green Pocket Tiles

    If you aspire to have a little kitchen garden for herbs and baby greens, these Green Pockets would be an elegant place to start. The small planters affix to the wall, interspersed with flat tile to...

    written by: Sarah Rich

  21. Green Planning in North Dakota

    Green Planning in North Dakota

    Amid the tall grasses and open skies of the Great Plains, forward-thinking urban planning ideas take root in North Dakota.

    written by: Diana Budds

  22. Green Local Nonprofit Q&A: ANEW
    Dwell on Design

    Green Local Nonprofit Q&A: ANEW

    At Dwell on Design on Sunday, June 23, on the Sustainable Design stage a trio of do-gooders will discuss their latest undertaking: building 15 LEED-certified libraries in Mexico, using donated...

    written by: Jaime Gillin

  23. Green Living in Barcelona
    House Tours

    Green Living in Barcelona

    For some, living “green” is all about making a statement. But for Petz Scholtus, it boils down to common sense. The eco-designer was raised on a farm in Luxembourg, and she’s...


  24. Green Light District

    Green Light District

    On a former brownfield site across the river from downtown Boston, a renovated turn-of-the-century lithography factory trades in carbon copies for a lighter carbon footprint.

    written by: Amber Bravo