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  1. 7 Masterful Finishing Touches
    A Great Idea

    7 Masterful Finishing Touches

    A house is clearly more than the sum of its parts, but sometimes a single masterstroke adds the ultimate finishing touch to a project. Here are seven such moves.

    written by: Diana Budds

  2. 6 Tiny New York City Backyards

    6 Tiny New York City Backyards

    These projects show how to make the most of the limited green space outside your building.

    written by: Allie Weiss

  3. Daniel Wallach of GreenTown

    Daniel Wallach of GreenTown

    After an EF5 tornado devestated the tiny town of Greensburg, Kansas, (then populartion 1,500) in 2007, the residents came together and did the unbelievable: Rebuilt as a sustainable town. Leading...

    written by: Miyoko Ohtake

  4. Houses We Love

    4 Modern Homes in El Salvador

    These indoor-outdoor retreats make the most of the country's tropical climate.

    written by: Allie Weiss

  5. Rooms We Love

    6 High-Impact Uses for Moroccan Tile

    Both elegant and arresting, Moroccan tile patterns provide a great accent to any room of the house.

    written by: William Harrison

  6. A Great Idea

    5 Inspiring Live-Work Spaces

    This Labor Day weekend we took you inside the workspaces of creatives around the world. Today, we look a little closer to home for office inspiration.

    written by: Heather Corcoran

  7. Dwell on Design

    Kansas City Architect Matthew Hufft Explores Buildings and Furniture at Dwell on Design NY

    Join us at Dwell on Design New York for a conversation with Matthew Hufft on architecture and furniture design.

    written by: Allie Weiss

  8. Houses We Love

    A Refreshing Modern Update on the Log Cabin

    Montreal-based practice YH2 reimagines a traditional archetype.

    written by: Allie Weiss

  9. Houses We Love

    5 Unconventional Garages We Love

    These modern structures defy the connotations of suburban staleness often associated with garages.

    written by: William Harrison

  10. Houses We Love

    A Tiny Trailer Home Harvests Solar Power and Rainwater to Save Energy

    The micro-living prototype ATLAS compresses a green getaway into less than 200 square feet.

    written by: Luke Hopping

  11. Paris Renovation Uses Prefab Panels to Double its Square Footage

    Paris Renovation Uses Prefab Panels to Double its Square Footage

    In the suburbs of Paris, an architect with an eco-friendly practice doesn’t let tradition stand in the way of innovation.

    written by: Stephen Heyman

  12. Renovation

    Schoolhouses Turned into Modern Homes

    Four cool takes on the converted school.

    written by: Allie Weiss

  13. A Piece of Home
    House Tours

    A Piece of Home

    Made of hardy Scottish materials and holding a Japanese heart, this Edinburgh house shows that two architects from disparate cultures can design a home that bridges the gap.

    written by: Aaron Britt
    photos by: Ben Anders

  14. Houses We Love

    7 Coastal Scandinavian Homes

    Europe's northernmost nations aren't all frosty fjords and dark forests. These sunny waterfront retreats bring modern Nordic design to the beach.

    written by: Luke Hopping

  15. From the Archives: 5 Great My House Examples
    Houses We Love

    From the Archives: 5 Great My House Examples

    Since the very beginning of Dwell's inception, in 2000, we've had a department called My House. This is a recurring story type that's often told from the resident's perspective, in the first person...

    written by: Olivia Martin

  16. 6 Homes Framed by Trees
    Houses We Love

    6 Homes Framed by Trees

    New houses that respect the existing landscape.

    written by: Diana Budds

  17. 5 Breathtakingly Modern House Additions
    Houses We Love

    5 Breathtakingly Modern House Additions

    These five modern house additions not only add necessary square footage, but bring their previously existing structures thoroughly up to date.

    written by: Jaime Gillin

  18. This Modern Barn Looks Completely at Home in the English Countryside
    Houses We Love

    This Modern Barn Looks Completely at Home in the English Countryside

    Chris Dyson Architects created a contemporary extension to a traditional cottage in the heart of the Cotswolds.

    written by: Laura C. Mallonee
    photos by: Peter Landers

  19. Pitched-Roof Family Home on an Amsterdam Canal
    House Tours

    Pitched-Roof Family Home on an Amsterdam Canal

    A family’s house outside the hustle of Amsterdam makes the most of local materials and forms.

    written by: Jane Szita
    photos by: Tim Van de Velde

  20. 8 Light-Filled Renovations

    8 Light-Filled Renovations

    A major renovation is the perfect opportunity to bring more light into a space. These remodeled homes incorporate vast swathes of windows to help bring the outside in.


  21. Magic Mountain
    House Tours

    Magic Mountain

    Architect Ko Wibowo designed a house of prodigious proportions beneath the hulking rise of Mount Ranier.

    written by: Amara Holstein
    photos by: John Clark

  22. Architect Couples At Home
    My House

    Architect Couples At Home

    When architects fall in love, designing their own home can be both rewarding and challenging feats. Through compromise and collaboration, these couples successfully made their dream home a reality.

    written by: Kate Santos

  23. Live from the Show Floor: Wallter
    Dwell on Design

    Live from the Show Floor: Wallter

    We've always admired the metal Slat Rack coat hanger by Wallter. At Dwell on Design, the Richmond, California–based design company debuted a new series of products: the Post, Wall, and Hang...

    written by: Miyoko Ohtake
    photos by: Peter Williams

  24. Roaming through Renegade
    Travel Reports

    Roaming through Renegade

    This past Sunday, I hopped aboard the 43 to check out the Renegade Craft Fair at Fort Mason. I come from a familly that sews, builds, crochets, embroiders, prints, and throws (as in pottery), but I...

    written by: Diana Budds
    photos by: Diana Budds

  25. Julio Miranda Thiel's Workshop
    Travel Reports

    Julio Miranda Thiel's Workshop

    I had the chance to visit master potter Julio Miranda Thiel's workshop at the Beldi Country Club just outside of Marrakech. I met Thiel at a dinner a few nights before and he graciously invited me...

    written by: Aaron Britt