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  1. Living in a Cocoon

    Living in a Cocoon

    Last month we detailed Le Van Bo's One Square Meter House—a project that explores basic living requirements. Here's another experiment in small-space habitation, the modular Cocoon from Micasa.

    written by: Diana Budds

  2. Cloud Tables by Nendo for Moroso

    Cloud Tables by Nendo for Moroso

    Japanese design firm Nendo recently created the Cloud tables for Moroso.

    written by: Olivia Martin

  3. Modular Backyard Playhouse in New Zealand

    Modular Backyard Playhouse in New Zealand

    A New Zealand architect riffs on toy building blocks and Case Study houses for his children’s backyard fort.

    written by: Kelsey Keith
    photos by: Simon Devitt

  4. Grand Prix Chair

    Grand Prix Chair

    In 1957, Danish designer Arne Jacobsen created the Grand Prix chair for Fritz Hansen—two years after rising to furniture-design fame with his Series 7 chair and five years after his Ant chair...

    written by: Miyoko Ohtake

  5. Commune Design Loves Japan

    Commune Design Loves Japan

    Commune has good ideas. Opening Ceremony’s shop in Los Angeles? Good idea. Partnering with Heath Ceramics? Really good idea. Working with Japanese design company Landscape Products to...

    written by: Olivia Martin

  6. Architecture Inspiration of the Day: Aqua Tower in Chicago
    We Recommend

    Architecture Inspiration of the Day: Aqua Tower in Chicago

    Completed in 2010, the Aqua Tower in Chicago by Studio Gang Architects is still worth admiring.

    written by: Allie Weiss

  7. Rooms We Love

    How to Fit a Home Office Almost Anywhere

    Combine it with another room or tuck it under a staircase.

    written by: Allie Weiss

  8. Karoline Fesser

    Karoline Fesser

    Inquisitiveness motivates German designer Karoline Fesser, who lives and works in her hometown, just outside Cologne. “When I started to think about design, I didn’t even know the term ‘design’...

    written by: Diana Budds

  9. Monogram Modern Home and the Best from Our 2015 DODLA Outdoor Area
    Dwell on Design

    Monogram Modern Home and the Best from Our 2015 DODLA Outdoor Area

    Explore the plants, prefabs, and outdoor furniture at 2015 DODLA's Outdoor-themed area.

    written by: Erika Heet

  10. Post

    One Stunning Panorama, 6,742 Feet High Up in the Alps

    Organized by a local lodge owner in Italy's Dolomites mountains, the Starlight Room immerses visitors in an Alpine panorama.

    written by: Zachary Edelson
    photos by: Giacomo Pompanin

  11. Houses We Love

    This Family Never Has to Fight About Where Their Next Trip Will Be

    An extended clan, separated by business, gathers for holidays at a forested getaway near Sutton, Quebec.

    written by: Luke Hopping
    photos by: Steve Montpetit

  12. A Great Idea

    This is What a Forest of Pinwheels Looks Like

    A creative take on the classic children's toy.

    written by: Allie Weiss

  13. Building the Maxon House: Week 1

    Building the Maxon House: Week 1

    In our latest Backstory series, Seattleite Lou Maxon recounts the thrills and trials of ditching the suburbs, buying property, and designing and building a modern house with Tom Kundig of Olson...

    written by: Lou Maxon

  14. Rooms We Love

    5 Rooms With a View We Love, Especially in Fall

    As autumn falls upon the northern hemisphere, cozy on up to these inspiring rooms from Dublin to Virginia.

    written by: Heather Corcoran

  15. Houses We Love

    7 Woodsy Retreats

    Surrounded by verdant scenery, these modern houses are a lovely escape from civilization.

    written by: Allie Weiss

  16. Houses We Love

    6 Northern California Homes We Love

    Dwell was born in San Francisco and here we're proud to salute great modern design north of San Luis Obispo County!


  17. A Soaring Schoolhouse in the Netherlands is Reborn
    Houses We Love

    A Soaring Schoolhouse in the Netherlands is Reborn

    Take a lesson from this school-turned-home.

    written by: Jane Szita
    photos by: Kasia Gatkowska

  18. 10 Sun-Filled Small Spaces
    Houses We Love

    10 Sun-Filled Small Spaces

    Constrained by minimal square footage, small houses run the risk of feeling cramped and claustrophobic. The best solutions often involve copious amounts of natural light.


  19. Massie Produced
    House Tours

    Massie Produced

    Art object or machine for living in Architect William Massie’s personal prefab project takes the mass out of mass customization to create a one-of-a-kind wonder.

    written by: David Hay
    photos by: Henrik Knudsen

  20. Norwegian Wood
    My House

    Norwegian Wood

    Designing a house for this setting was a thrilling puzzle of aesthetics and terrain for a young architect. The house they built that year suited the couple for 30 years of long summer vacations,...

    written by: Margit Bisztray
    photos by: Pia Ulin

  21. Living in Laos
    Travel Reports

    Living in Laos

    In August 2008 I moved with my family to Laos for a year. We wanted to give our children—and ourselves—a break from American, or Western culture, and experience something new and...

    written by: Marc Henrich
    photos by: Marc Henrich

  22. Hay Is for Horses, Straw Is for Houses

    Hay Is for Horses, Straw Is for Houses

    In the Napa Valley, one sustainable residence elegantly demonstrates straw bale technology.

    written by: Amara Holstein
    photos by: JD Peterson

  23. Startin' Spartan
    My House

    Startin' Spartan

    When Jay Atherton and Cy Keener met in grad school at the University of California, Berkeley, they discovered in each other a rare constellation of common interests: minimalist architecture, rock...

    written by: Jaime Gillin
    photos by: Ye Rin Mok

  24. 10 Tiny Houses We Love
    House Tours

    10 Tiny Houses We Love

    We've dedicated the pages in our November 2012 issue to living large in small spaces, whether they're 235, 900, or 2,000 square feet. But there's more! The Dwell archive features scores of small...

    written by: Diana Budds

  25. Bedroom Addition in Seattle
    House Tours

    Bedroom Addition in Seattle

    Growing families can quickly outgrow the homes purchased when the couple was just a twosome. In Seattle, Shed Architects designed a master suite addition for a family of five that was looking for a...

    written by: Miyoko Ohtake