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  1. New Dutch Design: Aldo Bakker

    New Dutch Design: Aldo Bakker

    Familiar objects take surprising new forms in the hands of experimental designer Aldo Bakker.

    written by: Zahid Sardar

  2. 8 Surprising Massimo Vignelli Designs

    8 Surprising Massimo Vignelli Designs

    Industrial and graphic designers Massimo and Lella Vignelli are giants in their field. (You may know them for any number of instantly recognizable design objects, from the New York City transit...

    written by: Kelsey Keith

  3. How to Do Unconventional Window Patterns
    How To

    How to Do Unconventional Window Patterns

    An asymmetrical fleet of windows can spice up a home's facade, while subtly protecting its residents' privacy.

    written by: Luke Hopping

  4. Houses We Love

    5 Renovated Midcentury Modern Gems

    Examples of the midcentury modern style, practiced by nationally and locally prominent architects alike, dot the American landscape. We've assembled just a few of those homes that found new life...

    written by: Zachary Edelson

  5. Rooms We Love

    7 Examples of the Iconic Eames Lounge Chair Wood (LCW) in Modern Homes

    Charles and Ray Eames were pioneers of molded plywood design, applying the technology to craft strong, lightweight casts for the American military during WWII. After war, they designed the sleek...

    written by: Zachary Edelson

  6. Dwell on Design

    Catch the 3D Printer of Haute Couture (and more) at Dwell on Design NY

    As part of our run-up to Dwell on Design New York, taking place October 2-4, we're highlighting a few of our diverse panelists who'll be discussing everything from urban resiliency to smart home...

    written by: Zachary Edelson

  7. Rooms We Love

    6 Striking Exposed Concrete Interiors

    Concrete can be a difficult material: it's expensive and requires a carefully-formulated mix of ingredients to get the desired look. However, as these 6 interiors attest, it can be worth it!

    written by: William Harrison

  8. Dwell on Design

    At Dwell on Design, Learn How Architects and Developers Are Creating New York City's Newest Neighborhood

    As part of our run-up to Dwell on Design New York (DODNY), taking place October 2-4, we're highlighting a few of our diverse panelists who'll be discussing everything from urban resiliency to smart...

    written by: Zachary Edelson

  9. Hotels

    This Mexico City Hotel is a Showcase of New Mexican Design

    In a neighborhood on the verge of rediscovery, JSa Arquitectura transforms a formerly hip hotel into a brand-new hot spot filled with work by emerging designers.

    written by: Heather Corcoran

  10. House Tours

    An Eco-Friendly Prototype whose Furniture Maximizes Energy Efficiency

    For their debut at the U.S. Department of Energy’s 2015 Solar Decathlon, the University at Buffalo goes beyond the competition parameters with custom furniture.

    written by: Caroline Wallis

  11. Outdoor

    7 Landscapes Designed with Native Plants

    When it comes to your yard, lawn, or property, it almost seems like a no-brainer: plant the species that would naturally grow there. But some still install invasive species like bamboo that, if not...

    written by: Zachary Edelson

  12. Rooms We Love

    5 Muji Designs in Modern Homes

    It's most likely you know Muji as a purveyor of office supplies and apparel, though this Japanese brand with a penchant for minimalist, restrained design also sells housewares.

    written by: Zachary Edelson

  13. Rooms We Love

    A Look at Oak in 6 Modern Homes

    Strong, hard, and resistant to bugs and fungus, oak has been the 'workhorse' of timbers for centuries, finding use in everything from ship's hulls to fine veneers. Tour these six examples of oak in...

    written by: Zachary Edelson

  14. Houses We Love

    7 Modern Homes Across the American Midwest

    From Michigan to Iowa, these dwellings are themselves at home among the prairies and forests of America's heartland.

    written by: Zachary Edelson

  15. Renovation

    5 Modern Renovations of Centuries-Old Structures

    For the structures that stand the test of time, there's always a chance for adaptive re-use, as these five projects attest.

    written by: Zachary Edelson

  16. Weekend Detour: Beacon, New York
    City Guide

    Weekend Detour: Beacon, New York

    Located in the sleepy hamlet of Beacon, New York, Dia:Beacon attracts international visitors to its cutting edge design center and surrounding attractions. Residing on the site of a former...

    written by: Laura Feinstein

  17. Solar Decathlon Highlights
    Travel Reports

    Solar Decathlon Highlights

    From September 23rd to October 2nd, Washington D.C.'s monuments to presidential greats and civic leaders, museums of art and history, and houses of government were juxtaposed with houses of another...

    written by: Diana Budds

  18. The Melbourne Supremacy
    City Guide

    The Melbourne Supremacy

    Photographer Peter Bennetts cuts out the middleman, photographing his favorite spots in his home base, Melbourne, Australia.

    written by: Helen Kaiser
    photos by: Peter Bennetts

  19. In and Around Reykjavik, Iceland
    Travel Reports

    In and Around Reykjavik, Iceland

    Iceland seems more remote than the four-and-a-half-hour flight from Boston feels. But Reykjavik, a city closer to Boston than San Francisco, is a world apart. The prime minister is in the phonebook...


  20. Shop Visit: Mohawk General Store in Silver Lake

    Shop Visit: Mohawk General Store in Silver Lake

    Looking for mid-century furniture? Design tomes? Earrings? An LP? Sunset Junction’s Mohawk General Store lives up to its name.

    written by: Miyoko Ohtake

  21. Design Bloggers: Where They Work

    Design Bloggers: Where They Work

    In our September 2013 issue, we profiled 18 of our favorite design bloggers, sharing their latest discoveries in furniture, graphic design, travel, architecture, and more. With this special report...

    written by: Jaime Gillin

  22. Holiday Gift Guide 2014: For the Bibliophile
    Gift Guides

    Holiday Gift Guide 2014: For the Bibliophile

    When it comes to giving books, one size (usually) fits all, there's no need to find an additional box with which to wrap it, and it lasts a lifetime. We've handpicked a few of our favorites along...

    written by: Diana Budds

  23. A Knight's Retail

    A Knight's Retail

    "I can never understand why people employ decorators," posits Sir Terence Conran, a man whose surname is synonymous with design. "One of the great joys in life is collecting things...

    written by: Jordan Kushins
    photos by: Paul Wetherell