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    The Window Series That Matches Performance, Appearance, and Ease-of-Use

    Windows may be the most under-appreciated element of any modern home: they need to withstand the elements (from rain to noise) and potential intruders while easily opening to admit light and air....

    written by: Zachary Edelson

  2. Cyclorama Saved from Destruction (For Now)

    Cyclorama Saved from Destruction (For Now)

    Remember the Gettysburg Cyclorama?   Four years ago, there was a petition circulated to save the 1961 Richard Neutra building from demolition.

    written by: David A. Greene

  3. Green

    Trombe L'oeil

    For heating a space of such peculiar dimensions, Bonnifait and Giesen turned to a solar design principle called the Trombe wall—after Félix Trombe, the French engineer who popularized...


  4. "I Live in a Frank Gehry"

    "I Live in a Frank Gehry"

    For the next in our unconventional-campus-spaces series, I could not neglect one of Boston's most controversial works, Frank Gehry's Stata Center. Home to MIT's computer scientists and electrical...

    written by: Tiffany Chu

  5. Manhattan
    House Tours


    Like many white people of a certain age, I first visited Harlem by mistake. I took the wrong subway and barely got out of the station: First one guy, then another, tried to shove me down the...

    written by: Marc Kristal
    photos by: Jake Stangel

  6. Lauded Midcentury City Square Receives a Much-Needed Revitalization

    Lauded Midcentury City Square Receives a Much-Needed Revitalization

    After years of neglect, Mellon Square in Pittsburgh reemerges as a 21st-century public space.

    written by: Diana Budds

  7. Tomato Pork Chop Rigatoni

    Tomato Pork Chop Rigatoni

    Andrew Mandolene and Todd Goddard's house is full of old and new. In 2007, the couple moved into their newly restore home: architect Arthur Witthoefft's 1957 structure that won an AIA First Honor...

    written by: Miyoko Ohtake

  8. Double Time
    My House

    Double Time

    The last time Blake Trabulsi and Allison Orr had a party at their house in Austin, Texas, it lasted until 5 a.m. Observes Trabulsi: “People are so comfortable here, they never want to leave.”

    written by: Fred A. Bernstein
    photos by: Jack Thompson

  9. Renovation

    A Tiny Brooklyn Studio Apartment Organized by a Smart Storage Wall

    Following a renovation by New York's

    written by: Luke Hopping

  10. Houses We Love

    House of the Week: Tropical Home Opens Through a Two-Story Swinging Door

    Every week, we highlight one amazing Dwell home that went viral on Pinterest. Follow Dwell's Pinterest account for more daily design inspiration.

    written by: Luke Hopping

  11. Renovation

    A Gut Renovation for a Retro Chicago Apartment in the Iconic Marina City Towers

    Space Architects + Planners overhauled a Chicago apartment to prioritize views of the city.

    written by: Ian Spula

  12. Modern Mud Homes: A New Take on Building in Ghana
    A Great Idea

    Modern Mud Homes: A New Take on Building in Ghana

    A design contest wants Ghanaians to envision modern homes hewn from the material beneath their feet.

    written by: Patrick Sisson

  13. Post

    The Future of Solar Water Heating

    Dwell hosts a Q&A with Mike Landau, solar water heating program manager for SoCalGas and Nurit Katz, chief sustainability officer and executive officer for facilities management at UCLA, exploring...

    written by: Dwell Staff

  14. The Long Hall

    The Long Hall

    These hallways don't need a red carpet to grab your attention. Take a look at these stretching indoor and outdoor corridors.

    written by: Jami Smith

  15. A Forgotten Insurance Building Finds New Life as a Humming High School

    A Forgotten Insurance Building Finds New Life as a Humming High School

    Following a sensitive renovation at the hands of DSH // architecture, the Larchmont Charter High School in Los Angeles settles into a midcentury gem originally designed by Welton Becket.

    photos by: Nico Marques

  16. Kickstarter of the Week: Food Huggers
    A Great Idea

    Kickstarter of the Week: Food Huggers

    A pair of industrial designers mines their prospective audience to drum up funding for a simple yet genius kitchen product.

    written by: Kelsey Keith

  17. 5 All-Black Kitchens
    Rooms We Love

    5 All-Black Kitchens

    Black is the perfect hue for concealing wear and tear in the hardest working room in the house.

    written by: Luke Hopping

  18. Renovation

    A Clever Sunken Roof Fills a London Terrace House with Light

    A London renovation resolves a family’s yearning for open air and greenery.

    written by: Ian Spula
    photos by: Matt Clayton

  19. Six Upcycled Design Picks

    Six Upcycled Design Picks

    Upcycled and reclaimed products are losing their stigma as burlap sack and bottle top creations. Slowly but surely, they are infusing the design world with sharp ideas and a feel-good ethos. Here...

    written by: Olivia Martin

  20. Dwell on Design

    At Dwell on Design, Learn How Architects and Developers Are Creating New York City's Newest Neighborhood

    As part of our run-up to Dwell on Design New York (DODNY), taking place October 2-4, we're highlighting a few of our diverse panelists who'll be discussing everything from urban resiliency to smart...

    written by: Zachary Edelson

  21. Pod Living

    Pod Living

    A pair of Arizona–based architects prove that sleeping in a pod is hardly an extraterrestrial experience.

    written by: David Proffitt
    photos by: Bill Timmerman

  22. Villa La Roche
    Travel Reports

    Villa La Roche

    Nestled in a leafy alleyway in Paris's famous 16th arrondissement, Villa La Roche is a prime reflection of modernist architecture in France.  Built between 1923 and 1925 by Le Corbusier, it...

    written by: Tiffany Chu
    photos by: Tiffany Chu

  23. Hillside Family Home in Australia
    House Tours

    Hillside Family Home in Australia

    An unvisited ocean-facing plot of land, a couple of architect neighbors, and one giant leap of faith have netted a pair of erstwhile Londoners a dream home of their own in northeast Australia.

    written by: Jaime Gillin
    photos by: Richard Powers

  24. Mod Men
    House Tours

    Mod Men

    Todd Goddard and Andrew Mandolene have a spring in their step since completing their restoration of the near-derelict 1957 home of architect Arthur Witthoefft, who says, “I can’t get...

    written by: Marc Kristal
    photos by: Jason Schmidt

  25. How To: Indoor Concrete Floors
    Design 101

    How To: Indoor Concrete Floors

    Concrete flooring is cheap, durable, and not as cold as its reputation suggests—these eight homeowners show how to get the look.

    written by: Jacqueline Leahy