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  1. Houses We Love

    This Cor-Ten House in Brazil Would Not Be Complete Without its Giant Home Library

    A modern dwelling by Brazilian design firm Atria cohesively embraces simplicity and abstraction.

    written by: Sarah Akkoush
    photos by: Haruo Mikami

  2. Houses We Love

    5 Modern Homes in Brazil

    These houses prove that the simplicity of modernism pairs perfectly with Brazil's bustling urbanity as well as its lush natural environments.

    written by: William Harrison

  3. Renovation

    5 Additions We Love

    Whether providing additional space or a stream of natural light, these recent additions breathe new life into preexisting homes.

    written by: William Harrison

  4. Rooms We Love

    7 Gigantic Home Libraries

    These sizable modern libraries are perfect for active contemplation or just sitting back and reading.

    written by: William Harrison

  5. Houses We Love

    5 Modern Homes in Scotland

    Whether incorporating its rich heritage or providing fresh departures from it, these homes elegantly complement Scotland's jaw-dropping, wind-scoured scenery.

    written by: William Harrison

  6. Houses We Love

    5 Homes With Cor-Ten Steel Facades

    While its striking appearance makes it a symbol of modernity, Cor-Ten's constantly adapting quality can also help homes coexist with their natural surroundings.

    written by: William Harrison

  7. Rooms We Love

    5 Ways to Balance Privacy and Natural Light

    It's a classic architectural conundrum: how to admit light while keeping out prying eyes? These 5 examples will provide some inspiration to tackle the problem.

    written by: Zachary Edelson

  8. Rooms We Love

    6 Double-Height Rooms

    These rooms illustrate how high ceilings are the secret to maximizing interior space.

    written by: William Harrison

  9. Houses We Love

    5 Modern Houses in Spain

    In Spain, forward-thinking design can be anything from a futuristic and tech-driven dwelling to a sensitive renovation of a historic site.

    written by: Allie Weiss

  10. Houses We Love

    5 DIY Houses We Love

    Whether a design exercise or something more substantial, these structures designed by their residents offer inspiring design straight from the pros.

    written by: Heather Corcoran

  11. Houses We Love

    5 Modern Homes in Quebec

    From scenic country escapes to urban bachelor pads, Quebec supplies a wide range of alluring abodes.

    written by: William Harrison

  12. Rooms We Love

    6 Modern Homes with Copper Designs and Craft

    Warm and malleable, copper is one of humanity's oldest metallic mediums for art and craftsmanship. Architects and artisans have always used its pliability and reactivity—it oxidizes to a bright...

    written by: Zachary Edelson

  13. Houses We Love

    6 Mixed-Use Homes That Pack Tons of Functionality Under One Roof

    These multifaceted spaces illustrate just how intricate a “home” can be.

    written by: William Harrison

  14. Houses We Love

    5 Futuristic Homes in Europe

    These cutting-edge houses from Rome to Vienna show no nostalgia for Old World charm.

    written by: Luke Hopping

  15. Houses We Love

    5 Homes Featuring Art Studios

    These multi-purpose homes allow for work to mix with life, helping their owners hearken to their creative muses.

    written by: William Harrison

  16. Houses We Love

    7 Houses With Distinctive Roofs

    These idiosyncratic roofs are a sight to behold.

    written by: William Harrison

  17. Houses We Love

    5 Renovated Homes With Exposed Beams

    These reinvigorated houses are unafraid to expose their original bones.

    written by: William Harrison

  18. Design 101

    5 Innovative Uses for Aluminum in Modern Homes

    A prohibitively expensive materials 200 years ago, aluminum is now ubiquitous in contemporary kitchens. However, as these five homes demonstrate, that isn't its only place in modern design.

    written by: Zachary Edelson

  19. Renovation

    5 California Renovations We Love

    These creative transformations affirm the Golden State's status as an architectural mecca.

    written by: William Harrison

  20. Houses We Love

    7 Woodsy Retreats

    Surrounded by verdant scenery, these modern houses are a lovely escape from civilization.

    written by: Allie Weiss

  21. Houses We Love

    6 Bold Suburban Homes

    Despite facing scrutiny from zoning boards and conservative neighbors, these homes defy the formulaic connotations of suburban architecture.

    written by: William Harrison

  22. Rooms We Love

    7 Minimalist All-White Interiors

    These luminous spaces showcase the virtues of a simple aesthetic.

    written by: William Harrison

  23. Houses We Love

    7 Homes That Frame Stunning Views of the Water

    Without walls of glass and generous windows, these waterfront homes couldn't enjoy their serene views.

    written by: Luke Hopping

  24. Houses We Love

    5 Adorable Beach Homes

    These beachside houses artfully engage the natural world—an activity we can all dream of this winter.

    written by: William Harrison

  25. Houses We Love

    Cheery Red and Green Homes We Love

    These homes sport Yuletide colors all year round.

    written by: Luke Hopping