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  1. Houses We Love

    6 Modern Homes in Austin

    From neighborhoods to the city limits and beyond, a strong attention to detail makes each house stand out in the Texas capital.

    written by: Matthew Keeshin

  2. Houses We Love

    5 Brooklyn Renovations We Love

    Kings County is full of historic districts and beautiful old buildings—it's no surprise its full of modern renovations.

    written by: Zachary Edelson

  3. We Recommend

    6 Interiors with Exposed Concrete Walls

    Embracing the organic, imperfect material, these raw concrete surfaces are a step up from exposed brick.

    written by: Aileen Kwun

  4. Houses We Love

    5 Modern Homes in the Texas Countryside

    It may be no country for old men, but it certainly suits modern dwelling.

    written by: Zachary Edelson

  5. Renovation

    Nothing Uptight About These Victorian Renovations

    From around the world, these Victorian homes get a modern new look.

    written by: Matthew Keeshin

  6. A Great Idea

    Skylight, Sky Bright: Get a Glimpse of These Awesome Oculi

    Look up and see the sky through these stunning ceiling windows.

    written by: Heather Corcoran

  7. 9 Transformative Renovations in Austin

    9 Transformative Renovations in Austin

    Whether by gut renovations or smaller scale modifications, these Austin homes get the facelifts they need.

    written by: Andrea Smith

  8. Houses We Love

    5 Renovated Midcentury Modern Gems

    Examples of the midcentury modern style, practiced by nationally and locally prominent architects alike, dot the American landscape. We've assembled just a few of those homes that found new life...

    written by: Zachary Edelson

  9. How to Do Unconventional Window Patterns
    How To

    How to Do Unconventional Window Patterns

    An asymmetrical fleet of windows can spice up a home's facade, while subtly protecting its residents' privacy.

    written by: Luke Hopping

  10. Houses We Love

    10 City Homes with Astounding Views

    Country homes don't have a monopoly on scenery. These urban residences frame stunning views of iconic landmarks, waterfronts, and cityscapes.

    written by: Luke Hopping

  11. Houses We Love

    7 Little Homes in London

    What could be better than a modest-sized house in a quaintly historic city?

    written by: Luke Hopping

  12. Bruce Bolander on Kitchen Design
    Dwell on Design

    Bruce Bolander on Kitchen Design

    Architect Bruce Bolander designs houses with, generally, very awesome kitchens. He's not afraid of color, and likes to clad his clients' cabinets with laminate in bright and electric hues. "My...

    written by: Jaime Gillin

  13. Family-Friendly Renovation of a Brick Warehouse in Alabama

    Family-Friendly Renovation of a Brick Warehouse in Alabama

    In Alabama, a commercial building with a multifarious past begins a fresh chapter for a young family after a modern renovation.

    written by: Olivia Martin
    photos by: Jean Allsopp

  14. Artists' Handmade Houses

    Artists' Handmade Houses

    Ever wonder what an artist's home would look like if he or she were the mind behind it? This month, Abrams has published a stunning new coffee table book that peeks inside the abodes of 13 well...

    written by: Miyoko Ohtake

  15. Rock the Shack: Cabin Love

    Rock the Shack: Cabin Love

    Sometimes the only thing getting us through the day is the dream of an escape—from work, from the city, from our day-to-day. Whether it's snow-filled windows and hot chocolate tickling your fancy...

    written by: Sara Carpenter

  16. Play's the Thing
    My House

    Play's the Thing

    With ingenuity and plenty of elbow grease, architect John Tong turned an old Toronto dairy into the ultimate family clubhouse.

    written by: Alex Bozikovic
    photos by: Christopher Wahl

  17. Don't Let the Sign Fool You, This Old Storefront is a Home
    My House

    Don't Let the Sign Fool You, This Old Storefront is a Home

    A creative couple transforms an old Toronto storefront in Dundas West into a home and studio.

    written by: Alex Bozikovic
    photos by: Naomi Finlay

  18. Interior Motives
    House Tours

    Interior Motives

    Rich materials, comfy textiles, a splash of paint, or the deft use of light—we call out design gestures that do wonders to carve out a cozy home.

    written by: Diana Budds

  19. Midcentury Renovation in Portland Capitalizes on Nature with Seven Doors to the Outside
    House Tours

    Midcentury Renovation in Portland Capitalizes on Nature with Seven Doors to the Outside

    An interior designer in Portland updates a 1950s home by a celebrated local architect.

    written by: Brian Libby
    photos by: Grant Harder

  20. The Saguaro, Scottsdale

    The Saguaro, Scottsdale

    This 5.5-acre property is a much-needed hotel option in Scottsdale and a welcome splash of color in the mundane beiges of the Sonoran desert. Despite breaking out from the shackles of traditional...


  21. Dwell on Design 2014 Highlights
    Dwell on Design

    Dwell on Design 2014 Highlights

    This year's Dwell on Design in Los Angeles featured four Dwell-curated pavilions, a wide range of onstage speakers, the first-ever Dwell Store Pop-Up, and much more. Couldn't make it to L.A.? Click...

    written by: Sarah Amandolare

  22. Modern Renovation in Austin
    House Tours

    Modern Renovation in Austin

    Situated in the heart of Austin,Texas, just blocks from the University of Texas campus, the Avenue G House offers a unique and abstract perspective on a thriving historic neighborhood. Kevin Alter,...

    written by: Wilson Barr

  23. Office Space

    Office Space

    We sifted through some past issues to find images of what some may argue to be the hardest working room in the house.

    written by: Dwell Staff

  24. Refinishing Alvar Aalto's Finnish Pavilion
    House Tours

    Refinishing Alvar Aalto's Finnish Pavilion

    Alvar Aalto’s Finnish Pavilion for the Venice Biennale, originally designed as a temporary demountable structure, was built in 1956 and stayed solidly in a place for nearly 56 years until...

    written by: Linda Taalman

  25. Method Lab
    House Tours

    Method Lab

    Designer Jennifer Siegal’s own house is a modest 1920s Spanish bungalow on the leeward side of busy Lincoln Boulevard in Venice, California, that looks nothing like what she makes at her day job. A...

    written by: David A. Greene
    photos by: Dave Lauridsen