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  1. 7 Small Homes in Japan
    Houses We Love

    7 Small Homes in Japan

    In many cities, space is limited. These seven Japanese homes feature innovative storage options, tiny gardens and modern design.

    written by: Dwell Staff

  2. How-To: Giant Windows
    Houses We Love

    How-To: Giant Windows

    Eyes are the windows to the soul. And windows? Well, they broadcast a home's soul and create a connection between private, interior and public, exterior life. Here are a few ways to make maximum...

    written by: Kelsey Keith

  3. Far East: Architecture in India
    Travel Reports

    Far East: Architecture in India

    With an opulent slant and modern outlook, today’s Indian buildings continue the country’s architectural heritage.

    written by: Olivia Martin

  4. Tech-Savvy Homes
    Houses We Love

    Tech-Savvy Homes

    We are still years away from Jetson-esque digs, but the residents of these seven homes rely on cutting-edge technology for greener, cohesive, and more comfortable homes.

    written by: Olivia Martin

  5. Art-Filled Hamptons Vacation Home
    House Tours

    Art-Filled Hamptons Vacation Home

    Inspired by their clients’ bold art collection, a pair of architects designs a Hamptons vacation house that subverts tradition.

    written by: Eviana Hartman
    photos by: Richard Powers

  6. March 'Interior Design' Issue Preview

    March 'Interior Design' Issue Preview

    Dwell gets an insider's view of unique, inspiring homes for our interior design issue. We visit designers, furniture collectors, and gallery owners to explore the myriad of ways one can approach...

    written by: Olivia Martin

  7. 9 Striking Modern White Facades
    Houses We Love

    9 Striking Modern White Facades

    If you’re the blaming type, you might fault Le Corbusier for making the white facade so utterly irresistible. Here are 9 that could cause you to rethink your shade when the next need for an...

    written by: Erika Heet

  8. Outside the Box: Unusual Home Layouts
    House Tours

    Outside the Box: Unusual Home Layouts

    Don’t be a square; whether out of necessity or aesthetics, these layouts come in all shapes and sizes.

    written by: Olivia Martin

  9. An Arctic White Kitchen Renovation in Connecticut
    Rooms We Love

    An Arctic White Kitchen Renovation in Connecticut

    For an architect’s family getaway in Connecticut, the kitchen is no shrinking violet.

    written by: Kelsey Keith
    photos by: Daniel Shea

  10. 7 New Homes with Old Bones

    7 New Homes with Old Bones

    If a building appears to be on its last leg, think twice before tearing it down. Preserving old fragments in a modern home can result in an eclectic mix of old and new.


  11. Bright Renovation of a Tiny Manhattan Apartment

    Bright Renovation of a Tiny Manhattan Apartment

    A husband-and-wife architect team transforms a 607-square-foot Manhattan apartment into an open and bright home for two graphic designers.

    written by: William Lamb

  12. Historic Details and Playful Modernism Meet in this Stunning Barcelona Flat
    Houses We Love

    Historic Details and Playful Modernism Meet in this Stunning Barcelona Flat

    Historic mosaic tiles inspired this modern renovation by Anna and Eugeni Bach.

    written by: Laura C. Mallonee
    photos by: Tiia Ettala

  13. Rooms We Love

    6 Instances of Classic Bertoia Furniture in Modern Homes

    In 1950 Harry Bertoia designed his first collection for Knoll: its futuristic, lightweight, wire-frame design was a smash hit. Bertoia continued to design for Knoll, in addition to producing many...

    written by: Zachary Edelson

  14. Houses We Love

    6 Innovative Tropical Homes

    These dwellings aren't content to revel in their balmy locations. Instead, they make impressions all their own, while still effortlessly coexisting with their immediate habitats.

    written by: William Harrison

  15. Houses We Love

    7 Modern Stucco Homes

    We're stuck on these homes that make use of the grainy, sculptural material in alluring ways—including the occasional dose of color.

    written by: Aileen Kwun

  16. Houses We Love

    6 Modern Homes in Tokyo

    Despite its wealth of iconic traditional buildings, Tokyo has always had a strong foothold on the cutting-edge of modernity. These homes keep that movement alive.

    written by: William Harrison

  17. Houses We Love

    8 Homes with Unusual Windows

    Unique windows not only change the appearance of a house, but also how those inside view the world.

    written by: William Harrison

  18. Houses We Love

    Midcentury Mecca: A Look at Modern Homes in Los Angeles

    Famous for its sun-drenched glitziness, the City of Angels is also an epicenter of modernism, and features a multitude of homes designed or inspired by the likes of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and A....

    written by: William Harrison

  19. Renovation

    5 Striking Farmhouse Renovations

    Farmhouses are utilitarian buildings built to last; it's no surprise that their strong bones and idyllic settings make for the ideal modern renovation.

    written by: Zachary Edelson

  20. Rooms We Love

    5 Striking and Unique Kitchen Islands

    Freestanding and centrally-located, an island's design can make or break a kitchen. This five designs aren't afraid to be bold and eye-catching.

    written by: Zachary Edelson

  21. Rooms We Love

    6 Modern Homes with Rooftop Oases

    The roof may be the most underused part of any home—these six dwellings transform that space into an airy retreat.

    written by: Zachary Edelson

  22. Houses We Love

    6 Perfectly Pitched Roofs

    These residences give the traditional pitched roof a modern update.

    written by: Aileen Kwun

  23. Rooms We Love

    Unique Ceramic Designs in 5 Modern Homes

    From sculpture to lighting, these homes find contemporary applications for one of mankind's oldest materials.

    written by: Zachary Edelson

  24. Houses We Love

    6 Ways to Get Creative With Cor-Ten Steel

    Whether the material is solid or perforated, Cor-Ten steel gives heavy metal a natural touch.

    written by: Matthew Keeshin

  25. Rooms We Love

    6 Houses for Reading and Relaxing

    These home libraries and inventive bookshelves will help you channel your inner bookworm.

    written by: Matthew Keeshin