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  1. 12 Bathrooms with Blue Tile
    House Tours

    12 Bathrooms with Blue Tile

    These bathrooms testify to the soothing power of blue.

    written by: Andrea Smith

  2. Rooms We Love

    9 Designs Inspired by Japanese Architecture and Craft

    Dwell and it readers value simplicity and quality, so it's no surprise that Japan—with its emphasis on craft and thoughtful living—is a frequent wellspring of inspiration.

    written by: Zachary Edelson

  3. 11 Amazing Midcentury Renovations

    11 Amazing Midcentury Renovations

    With one foot in the Space Age and another in the 21st-century, these charming midcentury homes benefit from sensitive, contemporary updates.

    written by: Luke Hopping

  4. The Melbourne Supremacy
    City Guide

    The Melbourne Supremacy

    Photographer Peter Bennetts cuts out the middleman, photographing his favorite spots in his home base, Melbourne, Australia.

    written by: Helen Kaiser
    photos by: Peter Bennetts

  5. Restoring Breuer's House in Garden
    House Tours

    Restoring Breuer's House in Garden

    Kykuit, the Rockefeller estate in Pocantico Hills, New York, hearkens from the days of robber barons and captains of industry. Acres of manicured lawns, a six-story stone-clad mansion, carriage...

    written by: Diana Budds

  6. We're Not in Kansas Anymore
    City Guide

    We're Not in Kansas Anymore

    On May 4, 2007, Greensburg, Kansas, was wiped off the map. An EF5 tornado ravaged the small town of 1,400 residents, destroying or severely damaging 95 percent of the city. Less than a week later,...

    written by: Miyoko Ohtake
    photos by: Alec Soth

  7. 10 Award-Winning Residences Reshaping Ideas of Home
    Houses We Love

    10 Award-Winning Residences Reshaping Ideas of Home

    From a luxe getaway in rural Washington to affordable senior housing in Center City Philadelphia, check out the 10 winners of this year's American Institute of Architects (AIA) Housing Awards.

    written by: Heather Corcoran

  8. 12 Modern Homes from the Midwest
    Houses We Love

    12 Modern Homes from the Midwest

    Wide-open spaces, welcoming attitudes, and a healthy respect for modernism: the American Midwest has much to offer. Here are 12 modern houses from the Heartland.

    written by: Erika Heet

  9. 8 Ways to Design with Plywood
    How To

    8 Ways to Design with Plywood

    Architecture gets expensive, so these homebuilders put their creativity to work by designing with plywood. Here's how they saved a buck on materials without looking, well, cheap.

    written by: Kelsey Keith

  10. Top 10 Houses on Dwell This Week
    Houses We Love

    Top 10 Houses on Dwell This Week

    Happy Thursday! As the weekend approaches, we've gathered ten of our most popular homes on Dwell this week for your perusal.

    written by: Jami Smith

  11. 8 Ways to Modernize a Farmhouse
    Houses We Love

    8 Ways to Modernize a Farmhouse

    Inspired by architect Lucy Marston's edited farmhouse in the English countryside (featured in our March 2014 issue), we've rounded up a few more modern farmhouse renovations.

    written by: Kelsey Keith

  12. Tiny Architecture: 5 Modern Outbuildings

    Tiny Architecture: 5 Modern Outbuildings

    Who doesn't fantasize about a small place of one's own—a retreat, an escape, a house built for one? Here, five small modern outbuildings that don't skimp on design—and offer a chance to be alone,...

    written by: Jaime Gillin

  13. 6 Space Saving Solutions from Japan
    Houses We Love

    6 Space Saving Solutions from Japan

    Architects constantly refer to Japanese design when crafting small spaces; Dwell goes straight to the source for inspiration on how to make the most out of every square foot.

    written by: Olivia Martin

  14. Renovating to Maximize Light
    House Tours

    Renovating to Maximize Light

    Who doesn't want a little more light in their lives? In these eight projects we explore the power of illumination, from a modernist skylight in Harlem to concrete-clad funnels that mitigate the...

    written by: Kelsey Keith

  15. 6 Unique Ways to Design with Recessed Space
    House Tours

    6 Unique Ways to Design with Recessed Space

    To minimize material and visual clutter in a small space, creating recesses for lighting or storage is a handy solution.

    written by: Andrea Smith

  16. Latin America's Best Modern Homes
    Travel Reports

    Latin America's Best Modern Homes

    Latin America's design scene is heating up, from artisan-made goods making their way to US department stores to the massive architecture projects going up in advance of the World Cup and Olympic...

    written by: Kelsey Keith

  17. 5 NYC Home Renovations

    5 NYC Home Renovations

    New York city is the largest metropolitan in the US and home to more than 8 million people. Despite this, living in the City doesn't mean sacrificing space or luxury. These five renovations were...

    written by: Kate Santos

  18. 10 Ways to Use Fiber-Cement Panels
    A Great Idea

    10 Ways to Use Fiber-Cement Panels

    The versatile, hardy fiber-cement panel is a go-to finish for architects looking for durable, reliable, and flexible cladding—it's the ultimate modern material.

    written by: Diana Budds

  19. 6 All-Black Facades
    House Tours

    6 All-Black Facades

    These homes go bold with dark facades.

    written by: Andrea Smith

  20. 8 Rooftop Oases

    8 Rooftop Oases

    Get your daily dose of design-envy with these sky-high sanctuaries.

    written by: Andrea Smith

  21. Design 101

    7 Ways to Use Ipe Wood

    Durable and dense—so dense it doesn't float—ipe is an excellent material for outdoor settings. But how to use it? Patio decking is the most common application but just one of many. While ipe's oils...

    written by: Zachary Edelson

  22. Rooms We Love

    5 Outdoor Dining Areas We Love

    Like a park's picnic table built into your home, outdoor dining areas are a great way to effortlessly spend more time outdoors. Tour these five lovely examples from houses we've covered.

    written by: Zachary Edelson

  23. House Tours

    A Richly-Crafted and Spacious Boston Apartment Renovation

    Ruhl Walker Architects designed custom furniture and a new, luminous atrium for a 3,100 square foot city dwelling that can now host its resident's large social gatherings.

    written by: Kelly Dawson
    photos by: Michael J. Lee

  24. Renovation

    6 Renovated Kitchens We Love

    Serve yourself some kitchen design inspiration with projects from Oakland to Chicago.

    written by: Zachary Edelson