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  1. A Modern Multiunit Prefab Prototype in Vancouver
    A Great Idea

    A Modern Multiunit Prefab Prototype in Vancouver

    A Vancouver architect maxes out a commercial lot to create a multiunit prefab tower that takes smart urban planning as seriously as good design.

    written by: Adele Weder
    photos by: Kamil Bialous

  2. Lighting
    Design 101


    Lisa Heschong, a California architect with the Heschong Mahone Group, which specializes in research on building performance, doesn’t think much of firelight: “The use of fire for...

    written by: Patrick Di Justo

  3. Met Life
    Finishing Touch

    Met Life

    Climate-controlled high-rises make sense when the changing seasons bring extreme temperature shifts, but in Bangkok, year-round hot and humid days blend into similarly sultry nights. Enter the Met,...

    written by: Jordan Kushins
    photos by: Tim Griffith

  4. A Mies van der Rohe-Inspired Cottage in Johannesburg
    Finishing Touch

    A Mies van der Rohe-Inspired Cottage in Johannesburg

    A floating wall on a Johannesburg cottage draws inspiration from 
local mining moguls and Mies van der Rohe.

    written by: Olivia Martin

  5. Thibault’s Follies

    Thibault’s Follies

    Quebec City architect Pierre Thibault has designed three Habitats Légers, or Light Habitats­—small structures installed in the landscape and meant as creative retreats. The first...

    written by: Aaron Britt

  6. Organic Living

    Organic Living

    As we previously explored in Modern Gables, these five homes provide a well needed break from the hustle and bustle of city life. Take a closer look at these strikingly innovative barn residences.

    written by: Jami Smith

  7. 7 Tiny Backyards with Big Style

    7 Tiny Backyards with Big Style

    When it comes to these small green spaces, it's not the size that matters.

    written by: Brandi Andres

  8. Yasuaki Onoda of ArchiAid

    Yasuaki Onoda of ArchiAid

    Architect as emergency response worker: that’s the concept behind ArchiAid, an organization founded after Japan’s March 11th tsunami and earthquake that aims to help revive the battered...

    written by: Winifred Bird

  9. The Future of Housing

    The Future of Housing

    Is biologically based architecture the next big thing? Architect Mitchell Joachim thinks so. He proffers radical ways to rethink the science of structures.

    written by: Diana Budds
    photos by: Dorothy Hong

  10. 10 Minutes with Michael Graves at the JCP Home Launch

    10 Minutes with Michael Graves at the JCP Home Launch

    Last week, JCPenney (now known as JCP) launched several collaborative home collections from renowned designers. We sat down with architect Michael Graves to chat about designing for large retailers...

    written by: Kelsey Keith

  11. Teach Your Parents Well

    Teach Your Parents Well

    In May 2005, Susan Bodnar and David Schatsky asked architects Normal Projects to green their prewar apartment and their contemporary lives.

    written by: Shonquis Moreno
    photos by: Martien Mulder

  12. Anne Tyng, 1920-2011

    Anne Tyng, 1920-2011

    Just before the new year, architect and theorist Anne Tyng died at the age of 91 at her home in Marin County, California. Her extensive writings about geometric architecture explored ways to apply...

    written by: Kelsey Keith

  13. Fredrik Färg

    Fredrik Färg

    Fredrik Färg originally wanted to be an interior architect, but the urge to create objects with his hands won out. Inspired by art and passionate about fashion, he is driven to experiment. ...


  14. Thinkk Studio

    Thinkk Studio

    Trained as interior architects, Decha Archjananun and Ploypan Theerachai of THINKK Studio are fascinated by the interplay of contrasting materials in architecture, and frequently combine industrial...

    written by: Lindsay J. Westley

  15. Houses We Love

    5 Striking Examples of Corrugated Steel Architecture

    Corrugated steel sheets date back to the early Industrial Revolution. Their strength and simplicity has kept them a staple of industrial architecture, however, its curves can also have unique...

    written by: Zachary Edelson

  16. Houses We Love

    5 Hardy, Modern Homes in Maine

    These peaceful cottages, cabins, and getaways will have you pining for autumn.

    written by: Luke Hopping

  17. 6 Homes, Restaurants, and Other Architectural Surprises Found in Alleys
    In The Modern World

    6 Homes, Restaurants, and Other Architectural Surprises Found in Alleys

    Journeying down dark alleys is generally not recommended, unless one of modernism's best-kept secrets lies at the other end.

    written by: Luke Hopping

  18. Houses We Love

    5 Modern Homes in Brazil

    These houses prove that the simplicity of modernism pairs perfectly with Brazil's bustling urbanity as well as its lush natural environments.

    written by: William Harrison

  19. Houses We Love

    5 Modern-Day Homes Made of Stone

    Architecture's oldest building block finds new life in these contemporary homes.

    written by: Luke Hopping

  20. Rooms We Love

    7 Minimalist Bathrooms

    These bathrooms are perfectly clean and simple.

    written by: William Harrison

  21. Houses We Love

    5 Duplex Renovations

    These revamped homes illustrate how completely spaces can be reimagined.

    written by: William Harrison

  22. Rooms We Love

    6 Double-Height Rooms

    These rooms illustrate how high ceilings are the secret to maximizing interior space.

    written by: William Harrison

  23. Rooms We Love

    6 Modern Homes with Copper Designs and Craft

    Warm and malleable, copper is one of humanity's oldest metallic mediums for art and craftsmanship. Architects and artisans have always used its pliability and reactivity—it oxidizes to a bright...

    written by: Zachary Edelson

  24. Houses We Love

    7 Modern Homes in Poland

    These homes reveal Poland to be a hotbed for modernist design.

    written by: William Harrison

  25. Houses We Love

    5 Tiny Cabins in the Woods

    These getaways prove that you don't need much space to feel fully immersed in the natural world.

    written by: William Harrison