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  1. Architects Share the Story Behind Their Modern Staircase Design
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    Architects Share the Story Behind Their Modern Staircase Design

    The cover of our May 2015 issue featured a stunning staircase on a single stringer. Architecture firm Gray Organschi has integrated similar custom staircases into several residences, and here,...

    written by: Allie Weiss

  2. 5 Energy Storage Solutions That Will Make Renewables a Viable Alternative to Fossil Fuels

    5 Energy Storage Solutions That Will Make Renewables a Viable Alternative to Fossil Fuels

    Grid-scale storage may be revolutionizing the market for clean energy.

    written by: William Lamb

  3. House Tours

    A 16-Foot-Wide Barcelona Row House Gets Creative to Stay Bright and Airy

    Nook Architects wraps a staircase in mesh and transforms a confined row house into an open home.

    written by: Alex Vuocolo
    photos by: Nieve

  4. Houses We Love

    7 Indoor-Outdoor Homes in Northern California

    While the climate is more benign than balmy in the upper half of the Golden State, these houses find comfortable ways to bring the outside in.

    written by: Luke Hopping

  5. "I Live in a Steven Holl"

    "I Live in a Steven Holl"

    How many people can say that they've lived a chunk of their lives inside the walls of a starchitect-designed building? In light of September's Back To School spirit, this is the first in a short...

    written by: Tiffany Chu

  6. A House Grows in Brooklyn
    My House

    A House Grows in Brooklyn

    While most people living in the Fort Greene neighborhood of Brooklyn didn’t see much to love about an abandoned, weedy lot squeezed between two old town houses, one couple couldn’t help...

    written by: Tim McKeough
    photos by: Dean Kaufman

  7. Street Furniture Your City Wishes it Had

    Street Furniture Your City Wishes it Had

    Street furniture already catches the eye of denizens eyeing a resting spot, but in select cities it also has people marveling at their good looks. Designers from all over the world are adding...

    written by: Tim Newcomb

  8. Kid Tested, Mothers Approved
    House Tours

    Kid Tested, Mothers Approved

    A long house on Long Island, this prefab could get to its site peaceably only by traveling in pieces. Designed by Resolution: 4 Architecture as a holiday retreat for a family of six, this...

    written by: William Lamb
    photos by: João Canziani

  9. University Place Apartment

    University Place Apartment

    After a young couple purchased an apartment in New York City's Greenwich Village, they turned to Matthew Miller of local firm StudioLAB to rescue its dark, closed-off interiors. The 800-square-foot...

    written by: Diana Budds

  10. Houston, We've Solved a Problem

    Houston, We've Solved a Problem

    A bird flying over Houston, Texas, sees only a sprawling canopy of trees. It seems the perfect nesting place for creatures both avian and human alike; unfortunately, the green ends at the tree line...

    written by: Amara Holstein
    photos by: Jack Thompson

  11. A Potrero Hill Renovation
    House Tours

    A Potrero Hill Renovation

    San Francisco architect Cary Bernstein recently completed this renovation and expansion of an old cottage in San Francisco's Potrero Hill neighborhood. The cottage had suffered a series of...

    written by: Jaime Gillin
    photos by: Cesar Rubio

  12. All in the Family
    House Tours

    All in the Family

    Young architects often design homes for their parents. But for Toronto's Julia Knezic, it was an especially intimate job: her mom Susan Farkas's new house is next to her own. When the property...

    written by: Alex Bozikovic
    photos by: Sean Galbraith

  13. Bauhaus by the Sea
    House Tours

    Bauhaus by the Sea

    No nautical nonsense here. How Walter Gropius built the Hagerty House, his first commission in the United States.

    written by: Jaci Conry
    photos by: Dean Kaufman

  14. 5 Rooms With A View
    Rooms We Love

    5 Rooms With A View

    From Australia to Hawaii, five homes that make the most of their scenic surroundings.

    written by: Diana Budds

  15. A Look at Staircases

    A Look at Staircases

    Whether you're going up or going down, an artfully constructed staircase never takes you in the wrong direction. Take a look at some of our favorite examples, taken from our photo library from...

    written by: Dwell Staff

  16. Space Saving Renovation in Brooklyn
    Houses We Love

    Space Saving Renovation in Brooklyn

    A renovation in Brooklyn proves that the secret to living in compact quarters lies in the details.

    written by: Diana Budds
    photos by: Gile Ashford

  17. The Doors

    The Doors

    A door is just a door…or is it? In a dream, a door may represent a new opening in your waking life. A locked door may represent a missed opportunity. From a fuchsia, Spanish-style door to its more...

    written by: Ivane Soyombo

  18. A Plugged-In Home Rises in Prague
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    A Plugged-In Home Rises in Prague

    A family villa takes advantage of the latest in smart-home technology.

    written by: William Lamb
    photos by: Ales Jungmann

  19. New Exhibition: The Brits Who Built the Modern World

    New Exhibition: The Brits Who Built the Modern World

    On February 13, 2014, the Royal Institute of British Architects inaugurated a new gallery in its central London headquarters with “The Brits Who Built the Modern World.” Drawing on a deep inventory...

    written by: William Lamb

  20. 6 Ways to Design with Acapulco Chairs

    6 Ways to Design with Acapulco Chairs

    One of Mexico's greatest design imports, the Acapulco chair is just as inspiring today as it was in the 1950s.

    written by: Brandi Andres

  21. House Tours

    This Japanese Home Features Striking Angular Concrete-and-Glass Surfaces

    A Tokyo house’s 1,900 square foot labyrinthine interior makes for a dynamic space.

    written by: Caroline Wallis

  22. Rooms We Love

    6 Built-In Shelving Ideas

    Built-in shelves are a smart way to display wares both practical and decorative.

    written by: Allie Weiss

  23. House Tours

    Micro and Modular: Two of Our Favorite Things Come Together in the Bay Area

    Studio E Architects completes a new housing development comprised of 58 permanent micro-units in the Bay Area.

    written by: Matthew Keeshin

  24. House Tours

    Meet Your New Neighbors: Minimal Town Houses with Character

    A set of town houses are the new neighbors to keep up with in this Montreal neighborhood.

    written by: Matthew Keeshin
    photos by: Adrien Williams

  25. 7 Statement-Making Trellises
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    7 Statement-Making Trellises

    These seven trellises contribute shade and passive cooling while making a bold impression.

    written by: Luke Hopping