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November 22, 2010

It's just about turkey time so in the spirit of the holiday, we've put together some of our favorite tableware and serving plates to ease the kitchen-to-dining room heavy lifting.

Medium Bird Bowl

Though perhaps not a turkey, this bird bowl, made of fired stoneware with a matte white glaze, will look perfect atop any Thanksgiving table. Use it to hold nuts or turn that tail into a gravy slide.

Avva Breadbasket by Josh Jakus for Teroforma

Avva Breadbasket

This lovely felt breadbasket keeps dinner rolls toasty warm and make them easy to pass. It opens like an envelope so you can grab one as it makes its way around the table, and later, it'll fold flat for easy storage.

Aino Aalto Clear Bowl by Aino Aalto for Iittala

Aino Aalto Clear Bowl

This classic bowl will serve you—and your friends and family—well throughout the year. Its simple shape and elegent execution is ideal for filling with your favorite side, from potatoes to stuffing, then apples and oranges the rest of the time.

Serving Dish with Dual Handles by Tools Design for Eva Solo

Serving Dish with Dual Handles

When you're in trouble with a lack of trivets, this ovenproof porcelain dish will come in handy. The handles do double duty to keep the hot pot off the tabletop and also let you hold it with one hand and serve with the other should the occasion call for it.

Suede Red Shallow Salad Bowl by Heath Ceramics

Suede Red Shallow Salad Bowl

There are few manufacturers who warm our hearts—and tables—like Heath Ceramics in Sausailto, California. This ceramic bowl, in a seasonal red hue, could be a salad-serving piece as its name suggests, though we think it'd look most excellent filled with green beans.

Hot and Cold Serving Carving Tray by Norm

Norm Serving-Carving Tray

This serving-carving tray is a piece you'll be thankful for throughout the year. It acts as a carving station (catching the juices below), a cold plate (you can insert an ice pack between the top and bottom pieces), and a serving tray (when you use the pieces separately).

Ikea 365 Gravy boat by Lovisa Wattman for Ikea

Ikea 365+ Gravy Boat

A departure from the traditional silver gravy boat, Ikea's modern rendition is more like a tea pot—and will hold up to 24 ounces of the good stuff. The best part: its double walls will keep the gravy warm throughout the meal so they'll be no need to run to the microwave or turn on the elements again.

Oval Serving Plate by Sottsass Ettore for Alessi

Oval Serving Plate

A silver (stainless steel) platter for the star of Thanksgiving dinner: the turkey. This 19.25-by-13-inch serving plate by Ettore Sottsass for Alessi should hold just about every bird fit for stuffing.

Low Cork Bowl by Bambu

Low Cork Bowl

An excellent bread bowl option is this piece by Bambu, a Chinese manufacturer committed to fair labor practices and renewable materials. The rest of the year it makes a lovely, low-profile fruit bowl.

Large Oval Serving Bowl by Le Creuset

Large Oval Serving Bowl

What's serious cooking without at least one Le Creuset bowl in the mix? Our choice at the holidays: this large oval serving bowl, ready to carry three quarts of tasty fixings to the table.

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