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August 17, 2011

Craftspeople will never deny the simple beauty of milled wood, but we've noticed a spate of vivid hues popping up against these natural grains.

Products and Furniture Florinda Chair

Florinda Chair

Mother Nature’s finest beech meets man-made plastic in this stackable seat that makes the most of both materials’ properties.

products and furniture big bounce lamp

Big Bounce Lamp

Jonah Takagi translated his experience in set design to this industrial product; the “bounce” in question is a reflection and diffusion technique used for filming.

products and furniture endy stool studio ve

Endy Stool

Endy’s boldly colored surfaces nod to the most sensitive part of a plank—–the raw, cut edge—–which is painted at the sawmill and, more often than not, discarded.

products and furniture caravan dresser

Caravan Dresser

From the front, this dresser gives just a hint of its true color. The painted portion—–nontoxic and low VOC, natch—–wraps around the entire exterior of the piece.

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