April 19, 2013

Though we love (read: need) our morning coffee at Dwell, we're also great fans of tea. From hip tea lounges to tea-flavored ice cream to green tea supplements, it's clear that this culturally significant beverage has gone mainstream Stateside. And whether you go in for oolong or Earl Grey, we've rounded up a selection of some of the best modern tea products. (Still prefer a cup of Joe? Check out our favorite products for coffee lovers.)

Karmi Tea Canister by Syosen

Karmi Tea Canister

Stunning and deceptively simple, the Karmi tea canister, made in the century's old Yamanaka tradition, can take over a year to complete. Craftsmen carve each groove in the cherry birch by hand; each piece is carefully dried over several months.

nendo tea pot

Top-tea Set

A spot of tea becomes a playful tabletop game in this set. After your brew steeps, remove the pot's wooden lid, which doubles as a spinning top.

le creuset tea kettle

Le Creuset Tea Kettle

Le Creuset’s pretty and practical kettles quickly boil water for tea, French-press coffee, oatmeal and more. At home in both traditional and contemporary kitchens, this classic design combines the elegant styling of an antique with elements of modern technology. This kettle features a unique locking handle and heat-resistant phenolic knob for easy lifting, pouring and cleaning. Single-tone whistle lets you know when water reaches a rolling boil.

Pantone Tea Mug Set

Pantone Tea Mugs

How do you take your tea? Put the Pantone Matching System to the ultimate test with these mugs, which will allow your guests to choose just how milky they'd like their morning brew.

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