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November 8, 2011

Recycled materials from cardboard boxes to warship teak make sourcing an adventure—and the resulting products singular creations.

Bow Bin

We're all for upcycling, especially when a product's new incarnation gives it a dynamic aesthetic that just didn't exist before. By combining reclaimed plastic bins and expertly wrapped rattan, these containers—produced in the Philippines, under fair trade conditions—add a bit of handcrafted flair and visual intrigue to an otherwise standard basket.

uhuru warcraft coffee table2

War Craft Coffee Table

When painted large on the exterior of a warship, the black-and-white stripes on this low table “dazzle” and confuse the eye of the enemy. Uhuru used teak from the deck of an authentic World War II vessel to create a collection inspired by the material’s storied nautical past.

jupiter scrap lights 2

Jupiter Scrap Lights

The duo behind Graypants studio are often found scouring Seattle’s streets for unblemished cardboard boxes—–the material that provides the structure for their signature fixtures. Laser-cut and fire-resistant, the corrugated orb pendants are upcycled odes to responsible design.

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