May 30, 2013

From a clock reminiscent of a kitchen timer to a monochrome timepiece for your bedside, these modern spins on an age-old necessity will inspire you to finally get rid of that old wall clock that freezes for a minute every day at 3 P.M.

Ora Wall Clock by Kähler

Ora Wall Clock

Seamlessly merging a masculine and feminine design sense, this modernized ceramic wall clock was designed by Danish design duo Birgette Due Madsen and Jonas Trampedach. Minimalist dials and subtly raised numbers lend a sleek yet tactile quality.

bell alarm clock red

Bell Alarm Clock

Trade in your ringtones for an analog alarm clock that operates on one simple setting: loud. The single bell in back can be shushed with a tap on the snooze button, which also activates the LED-illuminated display.

blomus era clock1

Era Wall Clock

Blomus's Era wall clock is essentially a pretty face—and that's nothing to be ashamed of.

Modern wooden wall clock.

Pieces of Time Wall Clock

This wall clock is made of 12 pieces of ash wood, each with a different grain representing an hour, with blue hour and minute hands.

pixel clock azambourg francois ligne roset

Pixel Clock

Ligne Roset's LED-lit Pixel clock recalls a time when life's simple pleasures—like sleeping in late—weren't seen as clear cause for alarm.

strike wall clock

Strike Wall Clock

Reclaimed materials are all the rage, but how many upcycled products can boast a past life in the bowling alley? CounterEvolution works with wood that used to line the lanes, and the result is a unique  collection of furniture, and products made from the extra scraps and bits left over in production. We like the look of this abstract Strike clock, and there's a lot more to choose from on the site.

Bai Design kitchen timer retro modern wall clock

Kitchen Timer Wall Clock

Just a quick glance at this bright timepiece-and-timer help let you coordinate how much longer the turkey needs in the oven and when the guests will begin to arrive for dinner. Bai design has a sweet little collection of retro-styled clocks at affordable prices, available for purchase from CSN.

Nava Time  jetlag clock Serio Dario

Time Square Mini Jetlag Clock

This clock seems to represent—boldly and graphically—how we feel sometimes, all jumbled numbers piling up while the hands of the clock keep ticking around and around. Running late is no fun, but designer Dario Serio's playful design shakes up the standard circular formation while still allowing you to keep tabs on the time. Available in the US at Unica Home.

nightime clock


For those with a habit of watching the clock, the fluorescent second hand that sweeps around the aluminum face will help the hours fly by.

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