March 5, 2013

From flower pots to fire pits, don't miss our roundup chock full of the best outdoor products for your yard, deck, and garden. We think you'll also enjoy this slideshow for another reason: We've recently undertaken a website renovation at, and we hope you love the resutlts. Take a spin through our new slideshow viewer and let us know your thoughts! 

topiary love seat

Topiary Love Seat

"I wanted to design a chair which looked like a shrub pruned to look like a chair," says Richard Schultz about his Topiary loveseat.

menu pin table yellow

Pin Table

Designed by Norwegian Andreas Engesvik, the Pin Table was developed with a simplicity that fits urban lifestyles. Just push the pointed post into the ground like a push pin—et voilà—you have an instant table top for picnics or a card game in park. Pin Table is made of high quality wood and painted in five high-gloss colors.


Babylon Planter

Design duo Harry & Camilla's first collection of garden vases, Babylon, features irregular surfaces and asymmetrical forms created by computer. The vases are produced from a special type of ceramic and come in three sizes. When turned upside down they are meant to resemble the Tower of Babel by Pieter Bruegel.



This three-legged standing Birdhouse consists of the egg, hand-milled from solid walnut or teak and the steel legs, offered in a raw burnished finish as well as several standard powder coat colors. This beautiful piece can be displayed as art indoors just as easily as a working birdhouse outdoors. It is offered in two versions: Indoor (hand oiled walnut) or Outdoor (marine varnished teak).

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