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August 24, 2012

In our September 2012 Design Finder, photo director Anna Alexander visited the Chicago Shop of Chandra Greer. There, Greer, a letterpress aficionado and stationary expert, has curated a selection of designs from local craftspeople who produce their pieces in small batches. Hallmark or Papyrus it most definitely is not. As a compliment to the story, here are 8 letterpress products we love.

Dee Lala Letterpress peacock clock

Letterpress Peaclock

Keep perfect time on Dee & Lala's letterpress wall clock. The peacock pattern is printed on cotton paper and backed with wood for long-lasting stability, while the orange hands make the rounds on the charge of a single AA battery.

egg press thumbs up card

Thumbs Up Letterpress Card

Egg Press knows letterpress, and the Portland-based studio consistently comes out with some of the loveliest designs—on cards, calendars, paper dolls, stitch kits, and kids' clothes—out there. We love sending (and receiving) their greetings, and have a soft spot for this Thumbs Up card, perfect for saying congratulations, thanks, or just a little snail mail hello.

enormous champion letterpress card

You Are So Very Special Card

Well, it's true. You are.

This letterpress card was inspired by the lyrics of the classic song "Creep" by hopeless romantics Radiohead, and designed by the Brooklyn-based duo behind Enormous Champion.

P.S. I Love You Card

Could there be a sweeter post-script? We doubt it. Have a listen to the dulcet tones of young Paul and Co. while dreaming of your darling and writing a little love note, courtesy of the brilliant Brooklynites Enormous Champion.





d bros biscuit greeting card

Biscuit Greeting Card

There's a certain little rush that comes when a product happens to combine a couple of your favorite things into one cool treat. Take this biscuit greeting card from the always-on-point Japanese d-bros: It looks like a cookie but it's a paper greeting card. So. Good. Take a pen to the "icing" and send it to a sweetie.

poketo smile cards 2

Poketo Smile Cards

How often can you well and truly make someone's day for less than the cost of a cup of coffee? These smiley guys from Poketo come four to a pack for a mere $6 (add a stamp and you're still under the price of a small drip). Write a quick little love (or like, or whassup, or or or...) note, fold the face in thirds, pop him in the mail and, well, you've done it! In a couple days time you will have one happy pal. Viva paper cards and the postal system!

Pancake Franks Letterpress Box set

Letterpress Box Set

How handy to have an all-occasion stash of notes to send for special events, or simply when inspiration strikes. Stacy Pancake, of San Francisco’s very own Pancake & Franks, has put together a fantastic box-set of 30 letterpress greetings that should last you through the year. What a great collection to keep in touch with pals!

Letterpress coasters matt singer

Letterpress Coasters

We have seen hostesses go white when guests put wet glasses straight down on the coffee table. Now, whether or not water stains on varnished wood strike fear in your heart, laying a few of these letterpress palms around the house would no doubt encourage folks to follow the instructions carefully: "PUT IT THERE PAL."


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