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June 5, 2012

Like typography savants, textile cognoscenti occupy a healthy chunk of the modernist population—as they should, since woven accessories are essential for warming up a stark, streamlined interior. These five selections, from dhurrie to hand-knotted, make a case for vibrant colors and patterns underfoot.

orange Tresse rug by Samuel Accoceberry for Chevalier Edition

Tresse Rug

French industrial designer Accoceberry’s braid-like rugs for Chevalier are hand-knotted in Nepal from wool or a wool-silk blend.

blue Jambo rug by Madeline Weinrub

Jambo Rug

Weinrib’s reversible flatweave carpets, like this one inspired by African prints, are hand-woven in India from natural cotton. 

Alexandra rug by Sandra Figeurola

Alexandra Rug

Figuerola’s design emulates a type of vernacular Moroccan textile that combines three techniques: embroidery, weaving, and knotting. 

Kalahari rug by Missoni home

Kalahari Rug

The undulating stripes in Missoni’s velour Tapetti collection are like haute couture for the floor –
not for the faint of heart. 


Jali Blue rug by The Rug Company

Jali Blue Rug

The Studio Collection is The Rug Company’s first “entry-level” line. The range of handmade cotton dhurries is reasonably priced and available in 18 color-saturated prints.

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