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December 19, 2011

I have a deep seated love for my iPhone, my iPad, and my iPod. The items I chose for Dwell's Holiday Gift Guide represent some of my favorite finds this year. Most of the items on my list are gadgets (or gadget related), with a few exceptions. Regardless of the bucket in which they fall, I think you’ll agree that these products are impressively designed.

blue lounge sanctuary

Sanctuary Charging Station by Bluelounge

Let’s face it: we’re all victims of having to carry around a multitude of electronic devices these days. The Bluelounge Sanctuary Charging Station is the perfect charging solution that is compatible with over 1,500 mobile devices. With a dozen built-in connectors cleverly hidden unless needed, now you can simultaneously charge all of your electronic essentials—your Smartphone, iPod, iPad, Bluetooth earpiece, and so on—in one place, at one time.

alarm clock app technology innovative areaware

Areaware Alarm Clock

If you are like us, you probably have a tendency to check email or Facebook on your iPhone before you settle in for the night. Also, your iPhone probably doubles as your alarm clock. This alarm dock is the ideal bedside companion piece. The dock is made of sustainably harvested new-growth beech wood and is a modern nod to those faux wood grain casings we remember all too well. Download the free Areaware AlarmDock Clock app on your iPhone (available on iTunes App Store). Early morning has never looked so bright!

jambox yves behar jawbone


If video killed the radio star, then certainly the Jambox by Jawbone will have a hand in hammering the final nail into the Boombox coffin. This impressive wireless speaker pairs with a number of electronic devices, such as your iPad or tablet devices, Smartphone, Mac or PC.  Using Bluetooth technology, this speaker streams your favorite music, or can act as your personal home theatre speaker system for movies or television shows right from your iPad.  Oh, and did I mention it’s also designed to allow you to take that unscheduled conference call from anywhere?

photo cube iphone photo printer 2

iPhone Photo Cube Printer

Rather than passing your grubby iPhone around the table this holiday season, why not print out a few snap shots instead? Taking random shots has never been easier, and lord knows that I take plenty of photos using my phone. Every once in a while there is a particular picture of my dog, or that beautiful beach from our summer vacation I wish I had an actual photo of. This easy and compact home solution makes printing pictures right from your iPhone as easy as saying “cheese.”

portal bags ipad sleeve

iPad Sleeve by Portel Bags

Give the gift of protection and style. The company Portel is designing some intriguing iPad sleeves, bags, belts and wallets. We're obsessed with their iPad sleeves made from thick natural felt. These handmade sleeves are designed not only to dress up your iPad while not in use, but to protect it from those minor accidental bumps and bangs. These sleeves fit both the iPad and iPad2 and come in a range of thoughtful colors.

press ice ball maker

Cirrus Press Ice Maker

I will admit upfront that this gift idea is both superfluous and superbly designed for the 1%. Nonetheless, a lot of designing (and years) have gone into creating the Cirrus Press Ice Ball Maker. The press is available in two sizes 2-3/4” or 2” and the cost is ridiculously expensive. The price range is from $429 for just the 2” press, or $699 for the kit which includes the 2” press, drip tray, ice cup molds and tongs (plus a case to store all the ice making equipment). What you get out of it, is described as the perfect shape for ice.

fishscape fishbowl

Fishscape Bowl

A departure from my predominately gadget heavy gift list, I came across a couple of items that I simply could not ignore. The first one is this beautifully designed fish bowl.  It’s so stunning with its mountainous peaks that for a moment I wished I had a goldfish of my own. It’s the perfect gift for those on your list with an appreciative eye for a modern twist on a traditional standard—Goldie never had it so good.

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