April 7, 2010

Looking for a way to breathe a little new life into your living room, but don’t have the ducats? Sometimes the introduction of one new element—–be it in the realm of lighting, textiles, or accessories—–can make all the difference. We asked five designers: How would you give a space a new lease on life with only $100 to spend? See what they had to say and add your own ideas to the mix.

clear vase

Clear Vase

Drawing inspiration from the beauty of the natural world, the undulating shape of each Aalto vase alludes to the untamed shorelines of Finland's thousands of lakes. The fluid aesthetic reaffirms the deep connection between man and nature, while making a statement against the failure of industrial production to meet universal human needs. The Aalto Vase is decidedly sculptural, making it as much a striking visual accent when left empty on a tabletop or shelf as when it is filled with freshly cut flowers.

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