February 2, 2009
emerging designer jake barton video still

Emerging Designer: Jake Barton

Jake Barton is designing a new breed of museum, one that favors local voices over curatorial authority.

emerging designers della valle bernheimer 16x9 video still

Emerging Designers: Della Valle Bernheimer

From the creative foment of Brooklyn comes Della Valle Bernheimer, a young design firm committed to new forms of collaborating.

emerging designer louse campbell 16x9 video still

Video: Emerging Designer: Louise Campbell

The Danish designer Louise Campbell has animated Royal Copenhagen and other traditional brands with a playful, experimental spirit.

emergind designer jason miller 16x9 video still1

Video: Emerging Designer: Jason Miller

The first subject in our emerging designers series, Jason Miller draws on threadbare bits of Americana, serving up something entirely new with a sl

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