April 1, 2010

Dwell founder Lara Hedberg Deam continues to present her custom-created modern color palettes featuring Ralph Lauren Paint.

rl palette three

Dwell Color Palette: Palette Three

Using Le Corbusier's 1931 classic, Polychromie Architecturale, as her inspiration, Dwell founder Lara Deam presents her third custom-created

dwell color palette palette two 16x9

Dwell Color Palette: Palette Two

Rich brown meets a delicate trio of neutrals in this grouping created by Dwell founder Lara Hedberg Deam.

dwell color palette palette one 16x9 video still

Dwell Color Palette: Palette One

Learn about the inspiration behind Lara's bold choices for the first Dwell palette featuring Ralph Lauren Paint.

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