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October 31, 2011

Every April, the design world trots off to Milan to show its new wares, but traipsing through the massive show, we couldn't shake a certain sense of déjà vu.

In 1946, Eliot Noyes described Charles Eames's furniture as a "compound of aesthetic brilliance and technical inventiveness," and we're inclined to agree with his assessment. But was Eames so brilliant and so inventive that some sixty years later we're still hung up on his singular approach to form-making? The answer, for now, seems to be a resounding yes.

dreams of eames design report lama chase chair

Lama Chaise

As this new, Lama Chaise design in tubular steel and woven PVC proves, Eames’s La Chaise set the gold standard for asymmetrical modern lounge furniture.

dreams of eames design report piao paper chair

Piao Paper Chair

Piao may be crafted with the same materials and techniques as traditional Yuhang paper umbrellas, but its scooped shell sings the same tune as the La Fonda chair.

dreams of eames design report jill chair

Jill Chair

It may be an attempt to re-create the DSR for the American market (where Vitra can’t sell Eames’s designs as they do in Europe), but the patented process behind the production of Jill’s flexible shell offers a new twist to the original’s plywood veneer.

dreams of eames design report beverly chair

Beverly Chair

The distinct scissored leg of this seat recalls both Poul Kjærholm’s PK91 folding stool and the elegant sculpted aluminum forms of Eames’s Tandem Seating.

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