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December 21, 2011

Handcrafted gifts carry a certain charm with them and often prove to be the less-expensive and more personalized gift alternative. With endless do-it-yourself projects out there, you can rest assured that you’ll find something to make for everyone on your list. Here are a few DIY gift ideas to jumpstart your creativity and put you in the crafty holiday spirit.

coffeecupcozies DIY tv

Felt Coffee Cozies

Simple, useful, and customizable felt coffee cozies are cherished gifts for coworkers, teachers, and of course, your resident caffeine addict.

vintagecameranightlight DIY tv

Vintage Camera Nightlight

The photographer on your list probably has all of latest camera gadgets alongside a slew of thrift store vintage cameras—some still working, some collecting dust on the shelf. Why not make them something a little different—a vintage camera nightlight.

recycledroadmapcorkboard DIY tv

Recycled Road Map Corkboard

It's true, foldout road maps are on the way out. Clean out your glove box and put those old maps to use. Recycled road map corkboards are a quick DIY gift idea for the beloved traveler, geography buff, or your college road trip partner-in-crime.

photovotive DIY tv

Photo Votives

Using high-contrast black and white photocopies and transparent contact paper, you can put your own photographs, letters, or sayings on glass. Whether glass tumblers, coasters, or votive candleholders (shown here), it’s quite the timeless gift.

clockee DIY tv

Clockeee Timepiece

While DIY kits for Clockeee’s timepieces aren’t currently available, the framework of each clock is a complete modern DIY inspiration. Sans official kit, it may be a little bit of a challenge. Use the combination of your woodworking and design skills along with a clock mechanism and a little dedication, and you will create a stylish one-of-a-kind gift that will add a touch of craftsmanship to any hour.

branchhooks DIY tv

Branch Hooks

Taking us back to the basics, these branch hooks require only a tree branch, knife, sandpaper, varnish or paint, and a way to connect it to the wall. Pretty simple, yet makes for a clever gift.

Zippered Pouch

Spice up your DIY skills using the light sensitive dye Inkodye. The sun-activated dye can be used on textiles, wood, and any natural fiber. Just one of the many Inkodye-based projects, this fabric zipper pouch is a great gift for all ages. 

wovenlamp DIY tv

Woven Lamp

Lighting your home with a flare of design doesn't have to be expensive. This year, give a handmade woven lamp to brighten another's living space while also adding a hanging piece of inspiration to their home.

notebooks DIY tv

Covered Notebooks

For those of us who take a lot of notes day-to-day, receiving a new notebook is always appreciated. These handmade covered notebooks are quick and inexpensive to make, and with endless paper options, you can find the right exterior for each person on your list.

Paper-Covered Votives

Whether you want to stick to the vintage style of Norwegian Cathrineholm enamelware (shown) or vary off with your own design, paper-covered votive candleholders are quick and easy DIY gifts or even holiday party decorations. If you’re up for a bigger challenge, try Glassybaby-inspired water balloon votive holders made out of paraffin wax.

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