April 19, 2013

Is coffee good for you? Though we all know better than to down enough java to induce a case of the jitters, the science increasingly points to the fact that moderate consumption of coffee can confer a variety of health benefits. Of course, we'll need some beautifully designed modern coffee accessories to support such a healthy habit. (If you're a lover of coffee as we are, also be sure to catch our popular Coffee Break column where we explore great cafes and coffee shops around the globe.)

coffeecupcozies DIY tv

Felt Coffee Cozies

Simple, useful, and customizable felt coffee cozies are cherished gifts for coworkers, teachers, and of course, your resident caffeine addict.

conranshop latina coffeejar container

Latina Coffee Jar

This curvy storage jar designed by Angeletti Ruzza and coffee producer Lavazza is comfortable to hold and easy to open. The glossy red acrylic has a white interior, is dishwasher safe, and is great airtight storage for coffee and tea.

POD dunk mug Dominic Skinner Mocha1

Dunk Mug

This ingenious mug handily brings together what is, perhaps, the greatest, most comforting, and perfectly delicious duo of our time: tea and biscuits. Eliminate the need for a pesky plate! Just stick your cookies beneath your brew and you're good to go.

Morijana Cups by Ceramik B

Morijana Cups

With an organic aesthetic, the ceramic Morijana cups are minimalistic yet tactile. Offered in pleasing neutral hues, these curved cups are the perfect vessel for tea, coffee, or freshly squeezed juice and double as serving bowls for your favorite condiments or a dessert course.

espresso makers riviera baby luso

Riviera Baby Luso

Manual piston machine made of chrome. Takes ground coffee.

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