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November 29, 2010

It's my favorite day of the year: My birthday. And for this very special holiday (yes, I consider it so), I've rounded up the perfect products for any fête d'anniversaire—especially those squished in with Thanksgiving and Christmas. Happy Birthday, fellow Sagittarians!

Cake Form by Vessel

Cake Form

For guests who just want "the tiniest sliver" to those willing to eat the entire pie, here's a cake form to fit all appetites. The form molds the batter into a ring comprising 15 different serving sizes and is made of silicon so the cake will easily pop out when it's cooked and cooled.

ice cream play and freeze ice cream maker industrial revolution

Play and Freeze Ice Cream Maker

As an activity for kids, this concept is pretty brilliant. They forget that they’re waiting for dessert, they get a little exercise, and when the ice cream is done, they have the satisfaction of knowing they’ve made it themselves. Plus the color options are great and storage is easy. As the only nonelectric model we reviewed, this won very high marks. We’d definitely take it on a picnic.

bananagrams word game


Does your pulse race at the sight of a Scrabble match in progress? Heart beat fast when Boggle is near? Is Words With Friends cutting into your real live social life? (ed note: Yes to all of the above) Bananagrams might be just the game for you. The little yellow sack contains 144 lettered pieces, but there's no need for a board, cube, or iPhone to play; It's just a matter of arranging—and rearranging—the tiles into words, any which way you can. Would be great fun for an afternoon in the park or a rainy eve at home with pals.

jalusta harri koskinen iittala cake stand

Jalusta Cake Stand

Cakes will come and cakes will go, but when it's time for a slice (or two), we're all for putting the sweet stuff up on a pedestal. Finnish designer Harri Koskinen created this glass stand for Finnish housewares brand Iittala as part of the new Art Works collection.

Vessel Ivy by Amy Adams for Perch

Vessel: Ivy

Few things are better than a beautiful bouquet on one's birthday–or any day! This lovely vase, handmade by Brooklyn-based ceramics company Perch!, stands 11.5-inches tall with a 4-inch opening (and has a wider-stouter sister, the Vessel: Chloe, that measures 9-inches tall and 5-inches wide).

Ice Cream Spade

When it comes to kitchen utensils, no one does it better than OXO and its Good Grips collection, which is designed for individuals with impared abilities but help all of us. The only info needed by the ice cream spade paddle-wielder: one scoop or two?

Cheers Wine Glasses

Cheers! A Votre Santé! Kampai! However you want to say it, these glasses are ready for clinking. Bottoms up, birthday person!

Cool Double Wall Glass Ice Bucket by Bodum

Cool Ice Bucket

Keep cool with Bodum's double-wall glass ice bucket. The layer of air will keep ice colder, longer, and the eight color options mean at least one will fit your festival style.

Cake Server by Magisso

Cake Server

Cutting the first piece of the cake is always the most difficult. Magisso makes it possible to easily slice and slide out that initial serving with its elegant Cake Server (also available in playful white, purple, lime, or black colors).

Wall Tears by Andi Kovel for Eue

Wall Tears

Hopefully the only tears on one's birthday are tears of joy or these Wall Tears, designed by Andi Kovel for Esque. The teardrop-shape globes are handmade from recycled glass and look just like balloons, though they'll still keep their shape long after the party's over.

Maru by Wasara

Maru Biodegradable Plates

Whether out for a picnic or hosting a party too big for your plate count, sometimes you need to use disposable dishes. The Wasara line of compostable and biodegradable tableware, including the Maru plates, is good for the earth—which is good for your likelihood of being able to celebrate more birthdays.

Birthday Calendar by Linda and Harriett

Birthday Calendar

You'll never forget your special day but it's easy to accidentally overlook that of another. Tack this letterpressed birthday calendar up on the wall and fill it in your friends' and family members' name to keep track of to whom to send a note.

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