April 2, 2013

From sustainable bamboo and ipe to classic American hardwoods, wood's durability and beauty is undeniable. Here, a selection of some of our favorite wooden kitchen products.

WUD Plate Series by David Rasmussen Design

WUD Plate Series

These plates designed by David Rasmussen are functional Danish modern art for your dinner table. Available in hard walnut and maple, each plate is trimmed with a slick pop of color and finished with food-safe oil.

Karmi Tea Canister by Syosen

Karmi Tea Canister

Stunning and deceptively simple, the Karmi tea canister, made in the century's old Yamanaka tradition, can take over a year to complete. Craftsmen carve each groove in the cherry birch by hand; each piece is carefully dried over several months.

Bamboo Wood Cutlery by Core Bamboo

Bamboo Wood Cutlery

This chic, reusable cutlery is made from organic, food-safe bamboo and water-based adhesives, and finished with premium natural oils. Enjoy the perfect picnic in safe, natural style.

teak stirrers

Teak Stirrers

These handsome and slender stirring spoons are handcrafted in Thailand from what would ordinarily be waste wood. We love that the six-inch handle makes it easy to reach into deep jars or extra-tall glasses.

salt and pepper keepers

Salt and Pepper Keepers

The olive wood used in these tabletop keepers is grown in a sustainably managed forest in France. We love the swiveling magnetic lid and the two-chambered design of the double-size version.

Extra Large Knife Rack by OnOurTable

Extra Large Knife Rack

There are knife racks, and there are knife racks. Handmade to order from solid FSC-Certified walnut and wall mounted, this extra large, timeless piece could be hung on the wall as art in itself but also serves as a sturdy utilitarian mount for prized kitchen blades.

Neon Wooden Bowl by Wind & Willow Home

Neon Wooden Bowls

Designer Araya Jensen hand-dips each hand-carved bowl in synthetic rubber, so no two bowls are exactly alike. The cheerful result is a tactile, unique piece.

asymmetrical cross-hatching suited for serving hors d'oeuvres

Puzzle Tray

A limited run of 112 trays was commissioned by the Napa Valley winery Newton Vineyard, each equally suited to serving hors d’oeuvres as wine. Asymmetrical cross-hatching references the region’s terraced topography.

traditional western cutlery with a japanese twist

Sushi Queen Flatware

The elongated stems of this set suggest chopsticks with the function of Western cutlery. Choose among five types of wood handles, including ones in wenge and teak.

ute australian design knifeblock  crop

Universal Knife Block

Well, this is handy. Wood blocks that only offer one slot per knife might leave you stabbing around hoping to find the one that fits, and they don't offer much versatility for accommodating new blades. Ute (short for utilitarian) Australian Design eliminated the individual slits on their carbonized bamboo base, giving a happy home to your parers, cleavers, and everything in between.




smarin tree 2

Tree to be Eaten

Consider it a dream come true, an honest-to-goodness marshmallow tree. This decorative piece would make a nibble-worthy presentation when the party is in full swing and the hors d'oeuvres are in bloom, that can also double as decoration when its brances are bare.

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