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December 2, 2011

In this age of iCal, a perpetual desktop or wall calendar makes timekeeping an appealingly tactile pleasure. Just don’t forget to make the manual adjustments!

modern perpetual calendars

Calendario Bilancia

Move these wood strips side to side to align the date in the middle, but beware: They’re a bit wobbly and won’t stay completely parallel when left or right of center.

modern perpetual calendars

Perpetual Calendar

Magnets rule! One sphere miraculously “floats” toward the month while the other slides along the horizontal rail to indicate the date.

modern perpetual calendars

Cubes Perpetual Calendar

A plastic rendition of classic wooden blocks, Cubes makes a splashy desktop addition. Its petite size keeps its bright colors from overtaking your workspace.

modern perpetual calendars

Round & Round Calendar

A spin of the finger rotates the plastic panels to reveal the day of the week, date, and month.

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