July 4, 2013

Summer is here and you know what that means: outdoor grilling! Test drive those budding tastebuds by checking out our favorite eight grills below.

fuego element grill

Element Grill

When San Francisco–based Fuego came out with their first grill, the Fuego 01, in 2006, it was the antidote to the ubiquitous round tripod-foot grill, but it retailed for a hefty price of $3,500. This year, Fuego cofounders Alex Siow and Robert Brunner have introduced the Element by Fuego, a gas grill with a similarly sleek and modern design with a much lighter price tag.

KenyonGrill MMO Dec12

City All Seasons Electric Grill

Perfect for city living where open flame grilling is prohibited. Enjoy fire safe-flame free, no smoke cooking plus easy clean up.

Charcoal Picnic Grill by Bodum

Charcoal Picnic Grill

Just browsing the cheery selection of enamel-coated steel charcoal barbeques from Bodum boosts our spirits with thoughts of the next afternoons spent grilling hot dogs and hamburgs in the breeze.

EcoQue portable grill

EcoQue Portable Grill

If you love barbecuing over an open flame, but get choked up on the excess smoke and detest the amount of charcoal it takes to keep your grill going, then EcoQue has a solution. Its sleek, portable design uses 75 percent less fuel to cook than its convetntional counterparts. Plus, it collapses down to a thickness of just one inch—great for toting around and storing away.

mini egg big green egg

Mini Egg Grill

Dimentions: 12.5" H (19" H with stand) x 11.8" dia.
Weight: 30 pounds

The Big Green Eggs earned their hype for letting home cooks play grill master, smoker, and baker with just one appliance. The Eggs, inspired by Asian kamado cookers, feature two dampers for controlling temperatures, from 200 degrees Fahrenheit (for smoking) to 750 degrees (for searing).

POD Sagaform Chromed Bucket Grill

Chromed Bucket Grill

The first clear, warm, and beautifully park-worthy day of the year in San Francisco had us thinking about the thrill of the grill: sun on your face, wind in your hair, burgers gently charred. Convenience is key when you'll be out and about and bbq-ing, and this bucket design from Sagaform allows you to tote your supplies to the picnic spot. Don't forget the buns!

smokey joe silver portable grill weber

Smokey Joe Silver Portable Charcoal Grill

Dimentions: 17" H x 14.5" dia.
Weight: 8 pounds

Weber’s Smokey Joe is a classic for a reason: It’s simply designed yet hardy and easy to use. This is the grill Goldilocks would choose. It’s not too big but not too small, not 
too heavy but not too light. Plus, at $35, 
the price is just right.

portable bucket grill sagaform

Portable Bucket Grill

Dimentions: 11" H x 10.8" dia.
Weight: 3 pounds

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