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September 20, 2011

The London Design Festival kicked off Saturday, and we, like the rest of the design world, is waiting with bated breath to see who shows up and what comes out of this year's events. Our own Dwell senior editor Aaron Britt will be checking out the wares and updating us with his finds as he stomps around London next week. In the meantime, we've rounded up seven of our favorite design-minded odes to the city (and a few to commonwealth as well).

dahlgren maria london tray

London Tray

Our love for London knows no bounds, and we'll be drawn to pretty much anything and everything that references the sprawling city. Maria Dahlgren is a Swedish graphic designer, but captures the bright spirit of ol' Blighty in this tray made from Scandinavian birch. Put the kettle on and bring a cuppa tea and a biscuit to someone you adore.

Architectural Plate

West London landmark Trellik Tower gets the gold leaf treatment on this architectural plate. While it's dishwasher and microwave safe-- definitely fit for the table-- it almost seems a shame to muck it up with mushy peas or beans on toast. We think it would look great hanging on the wall, a shiny reminder of long, lazy days in Ladbroke Grove. Available in the US from Eden & Eden.

coward richard transport for london coasterrs

London Skyline Coasters

The London Festival of Architecture partnered with Transport for London to launch the "New London Skyline" competition, and the results have just been announched. Look closely at winner Richard Coward's black and white pattern and all the landmarks you know and love emerge. The Gherkin? Check. Nelson's Column? Present. Buckingham Palace, Tower of London, and Tate Modern? Yes, yes, and yes. These coasters are the perfect place to set a chilled Pimm's Cup.

mod world november uk map sheer slate

UK Type Map

London gets the lion's-share font, but this screenprint representing burgs large and small across the UK will satisfy Anglophiles who adore old Blighty in all its glory, all the way from Helston to Hollandstoun.

POD Muji City in a Bag London

City in a Bag

It's never too early to experience the monuments that dot our dear metroplises. Muji has turned London's landmarks—ike Big Ben, the BT Tower, double decker buses and black cabs—into simple shapes suitable for your kid to explore from the comfort of the living room, and with the London Design Festival taking place at the end of this week, now's a great time to introduce them to the Gherkin. The sets are also available for New York, Paris, and Tokyo.

bradley susan london landmarks bookends

London Landmark Bookends

For those who are tickled by the sight of Trellick Tower, who get giddy when the Gherkin comes into view, or whose hearts beat for Battersea, these powder-coated steel bookends by Susan Bradley will satisfy a little bit of London lust. We spotted them on a recent trip to the big smoke and wouldn't mind them holding up our dog-eared copies of Brit lit on a shelf at home.

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