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October 16, 2013
One of design's hardest working talents, Barcelona-based Patricia Urquiola has collaborated with major brands—B&B Italia, Moroso, Mutina, Kartell—and become one of the industry's most recognizable names. Here we've rounded up 14 pieces from the designer's canon.
moroso yellow modern sofa

M.A.S.S.A.S. Sofa

The M.A.S.S.A.S. collection is compact and tidy, defined by the raised, tacking-like stitching along its seams. Upholstery fabric is bonded to wadding to create an ubersturdy covering for its polyurethane foam core.

re trouve table urquiola patricia emu

Re-Trouvé Table

Reminiscent of fish scales or a delicate lace skirt, this Patricia Urquiola–designed table is deceptively solid and, thankfully, able to support the weight of a breakfast spread or full dinner.

maia footstool urquiola

Maia Relax Footstool

Designed by Patricia Urquiola, and released by Kettal, the Maia line of outdoor furniture—which features intricate, handwoven, Alhambra-tiled plaiting—feels even more relaxed with this newly added footstool.

mangas runs patricia urquiola

Mangas Rug

It was love at first sight for us with Mangas, a collection of rugs by Patricia Urquiola for Gan that redefine the chunky knit. Translated into Spanish, the name means "sleeve," and the oversized strips of 100% virgin wool—knotted and woven into a series of patterns in a variety of colors—does mimic the look (and feel) of the most comfortable of sweaters. 


throw in the dowell design report klara low tables

Klara Low Tables

Klara Low Tables are wooden tables with a simple, linear style, harmonious in its curved yet essential shape.

The Foliage Sofa by Patricia Urquiola for Kartell

Foliage Sofa

Spanish-born designer Patricia Urquiola designed the Foliage sofa for Italian furniture brand Kartell.

bague piccola urquiola gerotto foscarini

Bague Piccola

Bague's perforated, metal-net body is sheathed in silicon resin and it takes one 100-watt E27 bulb.

travetta patricia urquiola

Travetta Humidifier

Ditch the dowdy, humming, plug-in humidifier for a sultry ceramic model that sits on the radiator. Harness the heat to turn the water in the tray into moisture in the air.

Bright, geodesic cocoon chair

Tropicalia Cocoon

When these conceptual cocoons appeared at the Milan Furniture Fair, they seemed like Toltec-scaled artifacts hauled back from an exploratory voyage deep into the uncharted head-waters of Urquiola’s creative flow—elegantly minimal geodesic forms wrapped in an explosion of color, pattern, and texture. Year's later, the remote tropical jungle outpost of Urquiola’s ingenuity remains unscathed.

urquiola patricia comback chair kartell

Comback Chair

Don’t call it a Comb Back. The classic Windsor chair gets a multinational makeover via Patricia Urquiola. Gone are the spindled legs and gently curving wood, replaced with geometric accents in a thermoplastic technopolymer.

Tufty-Too sofa by Patricia Urquiola for B&B Italia

Tufty-Too Sofa

You can put the sections 
of this piece in any direction and it works. Big, deep, low sofas are good for casual settings. For a living room that will be used for conversation, look for a shallow design with an 18-inch-tall back to create an intimate feel. Whatever the mood, dedicating your budget to anchor pieces that you’ll keep for a long time is important.”—Charles de Lisle

naledi tables thumbnail

Naledi Tables

The telephone table may have gone the way of the carrier pigeon, but the Naledi side table, patterned with a multihued selection of Botswanan telephone wires, offers a charmingly literal new take on the fading genre.

Patricia Urquiola Usame Table

Usame Table

Part coffee table, part storage bin, this repository will add style to any room. The vegetal patterns add Art Deco nostalgia to the modern translucent construction, making the table suitable for almost any decor.

moroso chair

Silver Lake Chair

For the second season in a row, Patricia Urquiola designed one of our favorite Milan debuts that we're still ooohing and aaahing over. Last time it was the thick knits of Mangas, an über-tactile rug for Gan, and this year Silver Lake caught—and held—our attention. The angular easy chair exudes an effortless southern California cool reminiscent of the heyday of mid-century modernism.

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