November 16, 2010
To celebrate our 10th anniversary here at Dwell, we've collaborated with art magazine Arkitip and asked 10 artists to produce illustrations of 10 houses featured in the magazine. Stop by the Dwell Shop and pick up your favorite!

andrew holder large thumbnail

House of Earth and Light Print

This is the only project to be featured in Dwell twice (and it was on the cover of our first issue). We returned to the house when it received a new roof design and was finally completed. Although it was a long slog for the homeowners, Holder’s take is decidedly sunny.

todd st john large thumbnail

Boxhome Print

Sami Rintala’s 205-square-foot Boxhome was a technical wonder of efficient planning that paired a high-tech metal exterior with a rustic wood core. St. John’s print—a building section executed with a nod to the interior finishes—elegantly weds the disparate elements.

stephen harrington large thumbnail

Carlson Residence Print

By using materials almost entirely salvaged from the client’s neighboring junk lot, Jennifer Siegal proved that with the right design, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Meanwhile, the junk in Harrington’s print may well transform before our very eyes.

nathaniel russell large thumbnail

Anderson Beach House Print

Unencumbered by the ephemera of daily life, vacation houses are best when stripped down to bare necessities, as this $150,000 home attests. The same could be said of Russell’s dramatic print. After all, the perfect beach shack requires the perfect beach.

mike perry large thumbnail

American House 08 Print

With every component of the American House 08 coming out of Massie’s high-tech microfactory in Pontiac, Michigan, the architect proved that prefabrication can give the designer total control of his work. That is, until Perry’s cast of characters got a hold of it at least.

mark giglio large thumbnail

Lavaflow 2 Print

As Steely and his family embraced all their new Hawaiian home had to offer, they found the best way to live on a lava flow is to go along with it. That means surfing and “talking story” with locals. Giglio’s icons and logos advertise “da kine” side of Big Island living.

daniel carlsten large thumbnail

Villa Bio Print

The futuristic Villa Bio, a concrete structure that spirals from underground carpark to green roof, set a new standard for sustainability. Carlsten picks up on the organizational principles of its design, abstracting them into an iconic tableau.

dan funderburgh large thumbnail

Moriyama House Print

Pritzker Prize–winner Ryue Nishizawa designed a home where every room gets its very own building. Six of the ten white cubes are on display in Funderburgh’s work, while a patchwork of Japanese-inspired patterns make for appropriate neighbors.

adrian johnson large thumbnail

Villa van Vijven Print

Communal living has never looked better than on this Dutch property, where five families proved democratic design can have spectacular results. Through over-printing and deft use of negative space, Johnson’s piece plays with the notion of sharing.

mario hugo large thumbnail

Ingegerd Råman and 
Claes Söderquist Residence Print

Oddly, when five maximal personalities collided on this project, a striking minimalist design emerged. Hugo’s interpretation picks up on the strong vanishing point created by the home’s floorboards and whatever may lurk beyond its pristine walls.

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