April 30, 2013

Whether tightly housed in a 800-sq. ft. home or living the life as a 7x7-sized room occupant, these ten furniture helpers will work its storage-saving magic into any small space.

Cupboard of Secrets by Jean-Michel Frank for Hermes

Cupboard of Secrets

To launch its home division, the venerable French fashion house reissued a collection designed by minimalist 1920s decorator Jean-Michel Frank. This nesting-box side table sports an intricate yet restrained finish of natural rye straw marquetry. usa.hermes.com

Clip Tree by Matthew Plumstead

Clip Tree

Cranbrook Academy of Art graduate Matthew Plumstead made his debut at ICFF with his configurable wood valet, kitted out with clip-on rubber hooks, shelves, and widgets for holding domestic detritus.

ferm living studio 1 shel

Studio Shelf

What if your bedside table was not sitting on the floor (a magnet for stubbed toes and dust bunnies), but was instead attached to the wall and suspended at pillow level? The Studio Shelf from Denmark's Ferm Living takes a classic pitched-roof shape and creates a little home for your glasses, chapstick, or mug of Ovaltine, keeping them close at hand for late-night fumblings. We also love the idea of resting a book on the gable, as seen in the image below.

gustafson gabriella design house stockholm order valet stand 1

Order Valet Stand

Sometimes—not always, but sometimes—it's just too much effort to hang your separates up back in the closet where they belong at the end of the day. While it may be tempting to toss your trousers on the floor and drop your sweater on the easy chair, it would be so much nicer to have a special spot for keeping your clothes contained and kind of tidy. Consider this Order stand an apparel tree which looks equally cool when blooming with blouses or completely bare.

Happy Family by Urbio

Happy Family

Urbio is the magnetic modular system that attaches to any surface for indoor or outdoor vertical gardening and home organization. Configure in myriad ways for creative display of everything from spiky succulents to colorful Sharpies!

modern wall shelf storage solutions

Wall Shelf 112B


The classic of the bunch, Alvar Aalto’s 1936 design is the quintessence of Scandinavian modernism. Better still, the 112B is deep and wide enough to handle a potted plant and your Finnish–English dictionary without losing its functional elegance. It looks great hung alone or with a small squadron of other 112Bs.

If the devil is in the details, then we’d be even more enamored of Aalto’s design if the screws that affix the hanging brackets to the shelf weren’t exposed.

Sowieso Storage by Sharonah Luderitz

Sowieso Storage

Forgo shoving photos and loose files into old shoeboxes. Open cubes within a solid oak frame are a much tidier option.

modern bike accessories

Pedal Pod

British designer Tamasine Osher released this walnut shelf at last year’s London Design Festival. For those who need design pieces 
to be multifunctional, 
Pedal Pod boasts ample cubby space to stash 
odds and ends along with the rubber-lined roost 
that suspends your bike.

trunk gesa hansen family  0


Given that modern, streamlined travel itineraries generally call for similarly simplified (and smaller) baggage, it would seem the very idea of the classic steamer trunk sank with the Titanic. Leave it to our revivalist age to bring back the hinged classic, albeit with a twist. This fresh take is solid oak, with a playful set of tree branches on which to perch your scarves and jewels, and multicolored drawers and dividers to remind us that it’s 2010.

modern shelving system.

Stacked Shelf System

All books are not created equal. Hardbounds often run larger than paperbacks, which themselves range from handheld to oversized. Factor in your magazine collection and any number of knickknacks that need a home, and it’s remarkable that shelves so often come in the standard stacked rows of one-height-fits-all rectangles. Store your things on this customizable system and your collections will surely find their proper place.

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