October 25, 2012

From a marble-based table lamp by Achille Castiglioni to a clean slate for serving cheese to a gabion-inspired table by De La Espada, we've rounded up our favorite modern stone products. And for more stone design ideas, view this slideshow.

Snoopy lamp by Achille Castiglioni for Flos

Snoopy Lamp

Pros: Is it a Goomba from Super Mario Bros.? A strange breed of mushroom? Castiglioni’s striking 1967 marble, glass, and metal design is a surefire conversation starter.

It’s versatile: Focused light emanates below, while the holes in its top disperse a gentle glow.

Cons: The Snoopy's finicky touch-sensitive three-way dimmer is difficult to master. When we tried to dim the light, a gentle tap often sent us into the dark. Our frustrations were enough to warrant a Clapper.

gabion table benjamin hubert

Gabion Table

We've long been fans of gabions—those rock filled cages usually used for civil engineering purposes. They've made their way into high-design buildings (thanks, Herzog + de Meuron) and now they've become part of furniture design thanks to Britain's Benjamin Hubert. He introduced this table—which boasts an ash top and granite ballast to keep it stable—at the 2011 London Design Festival, and it couldn't have come a moment sooner.

Slate cheese board

Slate Cheese Board

Presentation is everything. Brooklyn Slate Company manufactures a rustic slate slab perfect for displaying cheeses at your next dinner party. They even provide a soapstone pencil to identify your cheeses your guests will be devouring.

Algedi Table by Iacoli & McAllister

Algedi Table

What began as one-offs morphed into the Seattle studio’s first in-house collection, which debuted this spring at ICFF. Pieces like this marble-topped table with copper legs exude a relaxed West Coast vibe.

modern, swedish-designed coatrack

Tati Coatrack

Tati epitomizes how Swedes design best: Form meets function with the help of quality materials—in this case, metal frame, stone base, and brass details.

teroforma whisky stones

Whisky Stones

For the purist who wouldn’t dream of diluting a single malt, just chill these soapstone squares and add them to your favorite tipple for cold cubic comfort, ice-free and literally on the rocks.

Eccentrico Angelo Mangiarotti Agape Casa table

Eccentrico Table

The rich back catalog of modernist Angelo Mangiarotti—spanning the 1950s to the 1970s—provided a trove of designs for the first collection from Agape Casa. Gravity holds aloft the cantilevered marble top surface of Eccentrico, which simply slots into the marble base.

Resident Oud lamp by Nat Cheshire

Oud Lamp

Up-and-coming New Zealand design and manufacturing company Resident caught our eye with their brass beauty. Illuminated by an LED bulb and controlled via a sphere of polished marble, this task lamp is all about simple forms and unexpected material combinations working in perfect harmony.

theyre grrrrcic design report bebek shelf

Bebek Shelf

This Carrara marble hanging wall shelf consists of two slabs: one square, one round. The “invisible double wedge locking” mount employs a trick from Grcic’s days as a cabinet maker.

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